The Grim reality!

This girl has been warned on more than one occasion to be careful what to wish for! There is of course so much wisdom in that statement, but despite that she often ignores its advice!

This girl cannot complain in that aside from pots of money and a bigger house she has got pretty much everything she wished for this year. The dream wedding (well two of!) and the most superb honeymoon shared with plenty of deviant friends and amazing sights and scenery. However, now reality is beginning to kick in!

Whilst weddings and honeymoons are very real and very exciting at the time they are over way too quick. Work is the reality, to be honest it feels like there was never a break from it! Sometimes this girl envies people whose work is kink related – models and such that can make a career from it. Whilst this girl has done odd bits of modelling here and there she has never pursued it as a career and nor would she want to. This girl likes having a fixed income and knowing that the mortgage will be paid each month, there is too much uncertainty in relying on fetish for a regular income, because people do change their tastes, and gosh, looks go.

It doesn’t stop her being jealous of that kind of lifestyle though! However, this girl likes her security and creature comforts πŸ˜‰ Change scares her half to death!

Big changes are coming up when Grimly moves here, giving up his job and his home to take a risk of finding something nearby. It’s a scary prospect for him, and this girl feels guilty that her insecurities wouldnt’ have allowed her to do the same. She had moved for a man before and took a risk leaving a job that had more prospects than her current one, and it had fucked everything up, she just isn’t ready for doing that again despite loving Grimly, despite knowing that he would never let her down.

So he’s coming here and that is that. Ultimately it will be better, it will be easier for going places, meeting people, family, everything. Oh apart from anything else its normal right to live with your husband? πŸ˜‰ It’s just the adjustment of going from living alone to living with him, with leather and tools all over the house and kink. At the moment all that is separate this girl’s house is pretty normal, his is a little pocket of kink, it’s sort of going there is escapism in itself. Will it be the same just sort of having it upstairs?

Really living alone the only benefit is being able to choose what to do with the space and that benefit is not as strong compared to his companionship and his being here. The adjustment is actually a minor inconvenience, it just feels bigger sometimes because at the back of her mind this girl feels guilty that he is giving up so much because he loves her and wants to be here.

Some people say submission is the biggest gift, this girl does not think that is true. Sure whilst he has her submission and the ability to do what he wants to her body and mind what he has given her is worth so much more. Those things aren’t worth half so much as love and going the extra mile to be together, or worth as much as wanting to make each other feel special and happy. Β Love and happiness come at a cost, that of change, compromise and sharing what’s good and bad. Nobody ever said it was easy.

It will be interesting however to share that journey. Some people seem to think a marriage like this will involve bondage and latex and fetish every day. That is not the case nor would this girl want it to be. There are so many other things she wants to do with her life and not all of those are kink related. She wants her bdsm to always be fresh and exciting something to look forward to here and there ,and not a chore or an annoyance.

Having him here will perhaps make kink more regular, make it harder to get away with things, and will alter her life , but it will be an exciting adventure.

It’s just fucking scary!

This girl is not for a minute doubting whether her marrying him was a good idea. It was the best idea she ever could have had. Β She is just doubting whether him marrying her was a good idea for him! She is so scared of letting him down after asking him to give up so much.

13 thoughts on “The Grim reality!

  1. Life is full of what ifs. All you have to do is think positive. Respect to Grimly its a big step you are a luck girl to have him. Good luck to you both!

  2. I am sure Grimly wouldn’t have given up so much if he was not convinced he would be getting more or better things back in return.

  3. Living together full time will be nothing less than wonderful for you both. And at least Mr G will be bringing with him some things a lot more exciting than the trouser press that K brought when he moved in here with me lol! xx

  4. Knowing the two of you as I do, there is no way on earth that you could ever let Grimly down. You’ve known each other long enough to show that the love you have for each other isn’t just kink related. The fact that he married you knowing that you would still have to live apart for some time is a good indication of how much you both wanted to be a part of each others lives. Whatever happens, you’ll still have that.

    Enjoy the weekend

  5. Moving in is the big deal, but when Mistress came to stay, my parent’s thought She would cure me of the railway and book kink. They did not really know about the leather and rubber kink. Instead She made everything a lot worse, a lot lot worse. And She has continued to do so for 22 years.

  6. Love to be a fly on the wall in that Transit Van when Grimly moves his equipment !! LOL

    You two are made for each other…and as corny as it sounds, I bet you live your wedded life a little like Mrs KC and I do; fetish bondage a couple of times a week; pure black basque ( her !) and stockings sex is just as wonderful as full on bondage fetish…it is all about the mood you are both in !! I/we couldn’t do heavy bondage every night…it would become to ‘normal’ if we did that ! ( People still email me to ask if she is ever free from bondage – doh !)
    Best thing is having that man actually alongside and supporting you ( and visa-versa ) in all walks of life. It is going to be great fun …. you just have to tolerate each others little idiosyncrasies and respect the fact that a man and woman will never think the same !! Never go to sleep on an argument πŸ˜‰

    x KC

  7. Another thought: your writing is some of the most down to earth, yet kinky, yet wise, we encounter. You are a kindred spirit to me (despite gender difference) in that you wear your heart on your shoulder, at least in the blog. This honesty must be a major attraction to readers. But sometimes Mistress tells me not to be so frank, so honest. Especially with your last sentence: don’t worry! And to be totally unfashionable and out of order, if you do worry, think of saying a prayer. Even checkout the Youtube search “Be thou my vision”….. and find it sung well with a good stentorian blast. Think of the landscapes you love, and you and Grimly drive through and will share together. I know that M+++y> C+++++l B++t drive well and heck Ireland is just a step away (the Be Thou my vision inspiration). and if you don’t do God the Father see in the hymn Grimly. I think you can read it through the whole way with him in focus. You will get there, both of you.

  8. Of course in recommending this hymn and You tube I realise there are at least a 100 different renditions and that they can be very varied. I was looking for a choir version and could not really settle on one. I found this one that had the lyrics. . Where BDSM and Celtic spirituality meet (which is where this hymn comes from) is the twisted knot motif.

  9. There may be a way for you to enjoy some long distance fun Grimly style. Since the plan is to move things to your location anyway, any trips to visit for either of you should include moving equipment and toys. Unless he has a very special buyer for the house, Grimly is going to have to move or stash all the things he has kink before he can show the house for sale. With vidcam and some remote command items, He should be able to work some magic from his current location if you have the proper equipment set up at you new “kink central.” Just a suggestion to make the time apart be better. You know being locked in a chastity 24/7 when away from him is always a possibility….

  10. guys and gals, thanks for all the comments, your support is very much appreciated πŸ™‚ nothing further I can add other than to say thank you xx

  11. As I was saying my wonderful lady has shown me your inventive helpfully inspiring weblog,.before I pressed the send button to soon?Sorry:-/ just to say loved reading your posts and hoped it’d be okay to email regarding us at “Bound to please” soon to be coming to a computer near you πŸ™‚ you’ve certainly brought the reality of “normal life” to what turns people like yourself L&I on!Thank you loved your site there’s a heck of a lot similar between you and Grimly & L&I it would seam,.give love a chance,.were all scared of the unknown,.and teach yourself to trust again,.always harder if you’ve been burnt before!Dont let it ruin a good thing πŸ™‚ you’ll be fine and a massive thank you.😊

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