Turn me on

So this girl finally got to try The Creature again in a comfortable (at least to begin with) reclining position. The build up had been quite intense and she very much appreciated the little sojourn in the garden! 

Her body was suspended off the ground with a combination of garage springs and steel bondage devices. There was absolutely no way she was going anywhere, with Grimly in the corner at the controls she was doomed!

The reasons why this girl was first attracted to The Creature are not that hard to explain. It is an embodiment of what probably attracted her to BDSM in the first place.  Full on bondage, sensory overload and well….pretty much a device that has the ability to torment and torture on one hand but to lead to earth shattering orgasms on the other.

This girl cannot say exactly where her interest in torment and torture first came from, certainly the first she heard of electricity on the genitals was from her history teacher – he had a sort of dominant moody side to him, but on the downside he had a lisp. She was certainly inspired by films too ones like Robin Hood, James Bond, The Avengers, The Princess Bride – anything with a torture and interrogation scene where the victim was racked and tormented within an inch of their life.

Ok so there are some people that say they love BDSM because they can get it to be so intense they feel something spiritual. Is it something like that? Such a question is too personal for this girl to draw comparisons.

See to be honest, this girl just likes to get to the point where pain and pleasure is one and to feel a tiny bit of fear and adrenaline.

The Creature is a combination of all manner of high tech stimuli, from electrics and vaccum to breath control and shares these features with the chair that Grimly made although in a different manner of presentation.

This girl likes the fact that every sensory part of her body can be controlled with just a few switches and dials and there aren’t really any lasting marks on the body, just on the memory. This is why the hi-tech sci-fi type of play really turns her on. It is more cerebral and through the senses stimulates the mind.

Perhaps what made this time more special than the first was because it was her husband at the controls and towards the end of the torture he did subject her to rather exquisite tenderness that left aftershocks for quite some time 😉

And well the whole thing, its eye candy right 😉

10 thoughts on “Turn me on

  1. The closed eyes in the second pic and the look in the eyes in the last pic say it all 🙂
    The words are describing the experience perfectly.

    Can’t you write an incoherent post for once, now I am forced to keep saying it is a great post LOL, not that I mind saying that 😉

  2. Reading your feelings about the trip in the Creature, I feel that if Grimly could invent the REAL Sci-Fi Virtual Reality, complete with proper mind control, you would think you had died and gone to heaven.
    The trouble would be that if this was achieved, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference !
    Be careful what you wish for little girl – Hur Har !

  3. I’m very jealous now – it’s a beautiful predicament to be in, and looks like a fantastic piece of kit!

  4. So beautiful your words and pictures! Thanks a lot, this girl!! The breast cups are of clear plastic now? Do you think that is nicer than before, or do you prefer the metal ones?

    hugs, Daniela from Denmark

    PS: I think you should have been wearing ballet boots with this predicament. And then to be lowered onto your feet (toes!) from time to time, to add to the excitement!

  5. thanks Stevie & Sue

    Daedae, i’ll try just for you LOL

    housebound, i’m already worried about that!

    js207, it is pretty spectacular!

    Daniela, thanks for your comment. The cups don’t feel any different in plastic, but they are easier to line up as you can see where everything is going, which can be a problem with the metal ones. So i think perhaps its better in that sense.

    its been done with ballet boots, not by me, and normally I think none of the weight has been on the toes, given the weight of the rig and everything going on i think it would be a bit strange to feel as though you were standing, but visually yes stunning 🙂

  6. It is like reading my own thoughts on when and how i became a sub….except i’m not lucky enough to have been introduced to the Creature on a more intimate level like you!
    sub envy!!!

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