Lady in waiting

So as you might guess, a lot of the vanilla things Grimly and thisgirl did on honeymoon involved waiting and queuing and being in the car for hours wondering ‘are we there yet ? ‘ lol. All holidays have an element of that. This girl has never been a very patient person, and perhaps less patient when it comes to kink! Probably she has mentioned this issue before.

For a very long time particularly it has felt as though life has been a bit on hold with Grimly still two hundred miles away even now.  But, this girl is unsure if she has mentioned it, but she will finally have him living here with her around March time 🙂

Having a timescale is good 🙂 But its still irritating that its not now!

Anyway, this girl sometimes gets a bit anxious during the build up to play if it takes time. Perhaps impatience isn’t the right word for it, it’s more anxiety and nerves!

The creature certainly took time to get into. It’s not really rocket science the longer it takes to get rigged up into something the more the anxiety builds and the fear and the personal doubt.

This girl had most definitely wanted to try the creature again, given she’d felt on the last holiday it perhaps hadn’t gone far enough because her reaction to it was rather overwhelming and perhaps made it a bit strange.  So, she got into the latex catsuit TLC had made for her as a wedding present, a mask, rubber boots and gauntlets. It got hot very quickly! She was then harnessed up into it and wired up pretty much everywhere you can think of.

Perhaps its not evident in the picture but the rig weighs a hell of a lot and being in latex as well meant it got quite warm so it was nice to take a break!  It takes a good chunk of an hour to get into the creature so all sorts of things were going through this girl’s head most of them relating to wanting to back out of it!

But, really, in some ways it was the same as something that happened in Whistler. There, Grimly and thisgirl decided to go on the zip lines which are very high up in the moutains and strung between douglas firs, rivers (and sometimes bears! – though  none were spotted). Just before one of the biggest zips this girl really wanted to back out and go and get the van back down the mountain, but it would have looked stupid especially when the Mum of one of the guides was doing it! So she didn’t back out of that – and it was amazing! The adrenaline, the view, everything, it was one of the best experiences of her life and one of the best days. It’s like you buy the ticket – that’s it, that choice is made the rest is to just enjoy.

Well the creature was in many ways similar. A very good day and certainly one of her best ever kink experiences.

Self doubt is just one of those things. Especially when faced with something that is supposed to be terrifying , electrifying, stimulating and exhilirating all at once. She could easily have backed out of it, but she would have felt as stupid as she would have if she had driven down the mountain in a van instead of flying through the air with her life in her hands….and yes, she would have missed out! The thing is of course on both occasions Grimly had her back. Perhaps that is what makes all these things such an adventure…having someone to share it with – whether it be by suffering things at his hands or whether it be sharing thrilling things with him on a more equal basis.

The thing is, after a while fear and anxiety can sometimes become a turn on by themselves, and the anticipation becomes welcomed and less stressed and each level of kink that is added takes away a bit of the uncertainty. This girl really was a bit anxious of the creature, wondering whether she would be able to take what it would throw at her this time, but it’s not the machine she needed to worry about – it was her husband lol.

To be continued…..

7 thoughts on “Lady in waiting

  1. Only you could create a hard on from vacation pics! Here in the US we have a college basketball tournament called March Madness. I’ll now think of that tournament in a different light knowing that that is what you will probably be enjoying as well ( in a very different way). We always say about waiting, it’s like passing a kidney stone. It hurts like hell ( and not in a good way), but this too shall pass!

  2. Super pics, but dont expect sympathy from me for getting to wear that, despite the weight. Jealousy though, that can be provided lol! 😉

    I will be so pleased when March arrives for you though

  3. Madam, You are superb…some of your best photos to date !! Thanks for sharing them 🙂

  4. Love your writing hon’. You really need to write a book. Being able to create such technicolour images with words is SUCH a special (and rare) gift and is is something you excel at.


  5. The pics are of course wonderful (and defo jealous here) but ive always found them to be an added bonus as your writing creates all the images anyone could ever wish for.


  6. Tim, lol, oh and i’m not finished. It will be madness yes…arguing about what furniture to keep and what to get rid of….and who does the dishes….LOL

    stevie, thanks for your jealously i’ll remain jealous of your stories !

    KC & Daedae, thanks 🙂

    kenny, one of these days when I have some time…maybe around 2030. 😉

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