A creature of habit

This girl and Grimly spent their honeymoon with JG Leathers over in Canada. Some of the time was spent with Serious Bondage in San Francisco, and some over on Vancouver Island, but this girl ensured there was time to thank their host….

JG Leathers is best known for a device called the ‘creature’. If you have been reading here a while you will know that this girl experienced it when she and Grimly visited Canada in 2009.  The posts that are about that start with this entry here. Though of course there is always the potential of new readers, so of course it warrants a brief explanation.

For those people into BDSM activities such as electroplay, suspension, heavy bondage, breath play and sensory overload it is perhaps one of the things out there that encourages even a hard core player’s mouth to drop in amazement and leave them left with the thought ‘God i’d love to try that, but it will never happen’. Well you know, for this girl it did. Three times now, and well, the third was the best, but more on that another time 😉

It is a custom made leather bondage harness, which is fully suspendable in a very secure and elaborate fashion with a network of garage springs.  Breathing is controlled by a gas mask connected to a regulator and other intimidating looking medical machines. Electric suction cups are then fixed to the breasts and then the female, electric dildos, or for the male an electric butt plug and cock sheath. Well this girl is not go into too much detail about how all the electric cock stuff works because its far too technical lol but suffice to say the controller allows ripples of electricity to go up and down the shaft in either a pleasurable fashion or a painful one dependant on the desire of the person at the controls.

That evil controlling bitch on two occasions now, has been this girl! Last time she was in Canada she had STEFFY strapped up, but felt so guilty leaving him tenderised and tortured that she felt if she had another go at being behind the controls she could only do so if the victim (sorry volunteer of course!) was the creator himself since there is no better person to understand the consequences and to be enthralled by them.

There is one fundamental difference between JG’s creature and Grimly’s chair. Apart from the fact that the creature is suspendable. JG made the creature primarily for his own torture. Grimly, and many other kinky engineers out there make equipment to torment other people. For JG, the fact that other people enjoy being tormented by it is an added bonus but not its primary function, which is why it was quite important to this girl to give him the chance of a ride in it especially since he does not have a regular play partner.

What he does have is an absolutely fantastic wife who doesn’t share his kink but understands it and is welcoming of friends who share it. Whilst most vanilla women would turn away from men who wish to pursue kink she does not and embraces it as another facet of the man she loves and encourages his interests. As he does hers.  This girl tries to take that viewpoint when Grimly gets obsessed with aircraft porn and boats, but well heck, she’s not been married long enough to be good at that!

Oh perhaps this preamble is making this girl sound as though she was doing something utilitarian and selfless. Well you know, that is not at all true, yes she wanted to do it to do something special for a friend, but well, she’s an evil twisted bitch as well and she WANTED to for her own sick twisted purposes (of which she has many!) This girl can quite honestly say there has never once been an occasion where she’s gone into a session with someone not wanted it, at least, not since the very early days of her forays into BDSM when she found it hard to say no.

Grimly helped this girl rig the creature, since it is quite heavy and complicated, but he left before the fun began and let her do the fine tuning *cue evil laughter and thunderclaps*

This girl has said before that she is sometimes not all that confident with the domme thing, not unless she really knows the person and is familiar with the kit. So, being put in front of the controls was pretty daunting in itself, but she spent time being shown what was what and understood the basics, but it is a complex and dangerous piece of equipment.

Some people might think it is easy to sit on a chair and twiddle a few dials but it really is not, when you have to watch the signs to ensure things are okay, most of all breathing and other essential comforts ! Partly because she was concerned about going too far she perhaps did not go far enough, keeping things relatively moderate and then just inflicting extra torments now and then.

Watching the person in the creature that it was made for was a great deal of fun. This girl is very much envious of JG that he has the ability to make his own visions come to life for his own torments. He has no one else to blame! This girl on the other hand has one very twisted hubby to blame for everything! This girl is still working on expanding her own creativity but it is something that will take years to develop rather than months, the sewing machine still sitting forlornly under the stairs. Seriously THAT is one of her new year’s resolutions. That and a degree.

Anyway, digressing too much.

The view from the controls was spectacular. Especially when the vacuum and the electrics were causing his body to involuntarily bounce about and shudder in the springs. This girl has never had that much physical power over someone at just really the touch of a button and it was very erotic to have that especially as her opportunities to be on the giving end are so limited.

This isn’t really a complaint, its more a choice since this girl prefers being at the centre of sadistic and twisted attentions, but once in a while ,they do say its good to experience it from the other aspect and nothing could be truer than that. We are all creatures of habit but sometimes it’s good to vary the habit a little and add a bit of something different.

19 thoughts on “A creature of habit

  1. Have to say it looks absolutely amazing, and I’d love to experience it for myself. Sadly Seattle next April is about as close to it as I’m likely to get!

  2. In a word… Awesome 🙂
    I’d give my right arm to have an hour (or two, or three) with JG Leathers and The Creature. Sadly I don’t think that’s likely to happen.

    Also, like the dress – where was that from (it’s present ideas time!)?

  3. stevielou, i’m not suprised that you would say that lol

    nullprophecy, i feel very fortunate that i’ve tried it both from a victim and tormentor aspect lol. The dress, gosh I’ve had it years, i bought it a shop in Glasgow called Cyber which is the main kink clothing outlet here. You’re in luck though i found a seller on ebay ! woo! Unsure if this is the exact same make but if it isn’t then its very close – here

    john, sssh you’ll make me blush!

  4. In all this fantastic post worth dwelling on every sentence I am only going to highlight this one ” This girl tries to take that viewpoint when Grimly gets obsessed with aircraft porn and boats, but well heck, she’s not been married long enough to be good at that!”. Way to go girl! Our house is full of obsessives, three of them now. The BDSM/rubber/fem dom thing is only one thread. So Vickers Valiant, Blue Streak, Tiger Moth, Supermarine and Nimrod to you. It is a language you are probably going to learn word perfect. You should have plenty of time to practice whilst done up for a while.

  5. Wonderful and yes i am one of the many who would love to experience such a thing…. As for aircraft porn…..????? I totally understand and relate… In fact…. I have in my posession the equivalent of the playboy mansion (or the creature) of aircraft porn. 🙂 Remind me to tell you about it some time lol

  6. Aircraft Porn ‘Eh ?

    Now you are beginning to understand what Marriage is about.
    I dare say your kink indulgence will suffer a little, but please do
    not disappoint your reader too much.

  7. To me “the creature” is something I have indeed drooled on for years but at the same time shuddered at the thought of being put in.

    To some of my friends I am already going freakishly far into my bondage kink but then I log in and visit your blog, JG’s website and all the others I lurk/perv/study ( yes there are a lot 🙂 ) and I notice there is so much more to discover.

    Maybe one day I will feel confident enough to try something close to “the creature”, but until then, I am intent on having fun discovering.

    Great post

  8. Llsv, I dont mind him being an obsessive, I have things I obsess about…we had Nimrod at the wedding….sort of…..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhnMd1Jl7SA

    kenny, i shall ask you about that when i have a bit of insominia though Grimly would LOVE it 😉

    housebound, i shall do my best to keep you entertained, work not marriage is my issue of late, but hopefully will have something here by Friday at the latest I promise!

    stevie, well you have written very many stories on a certain subject!

    daedae, well you know you can always come and try Grimly’s chair…perhaps we can arrange for a certain american lady to come over and twist the dials hehehe

  9. Oh now you are just teasing me and btw which American lady exactly would you be talking about LOL *whistles innocently and looks for the exit*

  10. you chose your wedding music very well: Nimrod is a great favourite of mine and many other folk. elegiac to the end. i often think that the whole BDSM/fetish thing is elegiac, an elaborate and artistic comment on what we think of the world, here is a You tube example complete with music which someone can identify

  11. Daedae, just a certain bit of tail 😉

    Llsv, thanks our wedding was quite musical in a lot of ways, and so too our handfasting in Canada thanks to Dr Black playing his sax 🙂

  12. A man with the knowledge is always a force to be reckoned with. Thanks Grimly.

  13. Hi This girl,
    Wow! I didn’t realize you were in town recently. I wish you would have phoned me. I would have loved to see you again. My phone number hasn’t changed. Not sure if you still have it? Glad you enjoyed Vancouver and around town. 🙂

  14. Hi Padme, i know, I’m sorry, we were in Vancouver itself so little we were struggling a bit for time to fit in everything we wanted. Next time though I promise, especially as it looks as though we’ll be coming back sometime in the next 2 years as I have free outbound flights due to the mess up from the airline :))

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