Love our lurkers 6!

Today is the wonderful love our lurkers day which was initiated by Bonnie, who was also the one who left my first ever comment, so I think it is nice to participate!

Readers help keep blogs going. When I first started writing I didn’t expect anyone to read other than Grimly, but knowing other people were out there encouraged me to pour our my heart and details about my take on BDSM. Comments don’t have to be in agreement with any given subject, as long as they are constructive and polite (and not spam!)

Bonnie’s introduction to the day :

“today is your day! It’s Love Our Lurkers Day. This is your opportunity to peek your head up just enough to say hello. Since you and good people like you constitute more than half of our readership, we bloggers are curious about you.

We’re glad that you’re here and don’t mind you reading anything you like. But if you could write a short introductory comment, that would be simply fantastic. If you will, tell us your name (it doesn’t have to be your REAL name), the part of the world where you live, and a little bit about your interest”

So this is your opportunity to leave Grimly & I a comment, whether or not you have before! You can say a bit about yourself, or leave ideas of what you might like to read here or see pictures about, give feedback or just a general hello.

Last year’s comments were fantastic and very much appreciated by the two of us.

Please take this opportunity to stop by and say hello! Though to add to that, comments are always welcome on any post! I could bribe you with saying Grimly will cane me or do something else to make my bottom smart, or that I’ll post some juicy pictures at the weekend, but Β you don’t need a bribe do you??? πŸ˜‰

A full list of the blogs participating on LOL day is on Bonnie’s blog please have a peak there may be a new favourite πŸ™‚

Over to you…..

29 thoughts on “Love our lurkers 6!

  1. I love to read your blog I think its great. If the bribe is still open lets have something for the weekend. Im married got 2 grown up kidds, and we are into bondage when we find the time. AS of late too much work load on both us.We live were the roses are always RED! We have got some very good friends in west yorkshire.Keep up the great blog.

    p.s. do you still work with a lot of no brainers.

  2. (Waves frantically). Hello from Doune (currently). :-). Love reading your blog. Is a wee moment of brightness in an otherwisr damp cold and frequently mucky day πŸ™‚

  3. gives a wave ! πŸ˜€

    I may not comment a lot but I come visit your blog a lot. I learn a lot about stuff Ithat not vanilla and love the pictures! πŸ™‚

  4. I’m back milady, good to see your enjoying your new status a wife πŸ™‚
    Keep up the great work on here.


  5. I’ve just turned 36, married for 12years to a beautiful woman who is gradually becoming more dominant. Love being bribed! Your blog is always inciteful, and always click on your blog whenever I’m online in anticipation. Regards for now. Jamie.

  6. I confess to being a lurker. I like your blog! I am not into bondage, yet for some reason I find it interesting to come here. Congratulations on your nuptials and best to you and Grimly!
    Melaka, from Houston, Texas, USA

  7. Oh yes – I am reading and enjoying your blog frequently…. I guess although I have comented once or twice, I still fulfill the “lurker-criteria”. Best regards from the beautiful Island of RΓΌgen, Germany Colloredo

  8. Hello this girl,
    I also read your blog and have commented on a few of your blog posts although not in a while. Miss hearing from you. πŸ™‚

  9. Hello, I remember this from last year. I am a long time lurker and very occasional contributor and I enjoy reading the blog – I wish I could express my innermost thoughts so freely and in public too! Based in the South of England, not in a relationship but would be happy to approacha BDSM aspect with the right partner in a more open frame of mind after reading this.

  10. Hi. Iv’e been reading your adventures and appreciating your pictures for something over a year. You seem to have the most readable and definatly the most real and truthful blog in the business.
    Glad you are married and best wishes to you both.
    Grimly’s smug expression in the latest pix is just what I expected of
    a newly married man. Cheers.

  11. Guess I’m not so much of a Lurker after all this time. Just one who Loves Our Lady. I’ve written before how unique and extraordinary your insight and first person accounting has been, so if you haven’t been a regular reader, curl up with a good computer sometime and sample the body of work that is now part of this site.
    Of course it it wasn’t for JG posting about your kink wedding we’d still not know much, since it seems that now that you two are together for life, you are posting less. Since this is primarily for Grimly and you can talk to him up close and personal now, I guess there is not as much of a need to put it on paper. Either that or he is playing so hard with his new toy that she isn’t released enough to post (Combine the two- Tie her at the computer with the E-stim until she finishes daily posts!) πŸ˜‰

  12. Happy LOL Day. Bonnie left one of the first comments on our blog too. We should do a Love Our Bonnie Day…

    ~Todd and Suzy

  13. I guess asking questions during your question month does not count as comments. I have been married to a wonderful woman for 35 years, and we started bondage before marriage. Yes it can last. I really enjoy your insight to the mental process as you are in bondage, it help me since my partner is not verbal about the experience. Yes you can teach an old dog new tricks, or at least copy some of Grimly’s ideas. Now if I could only build like he does. Congrats on your marriage, may it be a long one.

  14. I’d be a normal married bloke and 100% vanilla if it wasn’t for you two !!! πŸ˜‰

  15. hi, this girl. i stumbled upon your blog about three or four months ago and immediately subscribed to your updates. i’m attempting to get my husband into bdsm … i seem to be the dominant one in day-to-day goings-on, so i want him to be the dominant one during sex. we’ve only gotten as far as some spanking and hair pulling, but it’s progress! wishing you and grimly much happiness as you begin your married life together.
    st. louis, missouri, u.s.

  16. Love your blog! It’s so nice to find a BDSM blog written by a normal, down-down-to-earth person. Lol

  17. Hello to both of you!
    I also like to read your posts because of the deep insight you share. It’s wonderful to me.
    I’d have a question…
    It is said that a Master (dominant person who is not only a bully) has to be able to master himself/herself at first, they will only be able to master anybody else after that. My question is wether a submissive person also has to master herself/himself first? To be able to control her/his own personality, or for whatsoever.
    So maybe in other words my question is if dominance and submission is the same strength, just the opposite “ends”?
    Thanks and be happy together for a long time!
    Snowdrop from Hungary

  18. Hi this girl and Grimly,
    Yes, I’m a lurker, delighted and aroused and awed to be allowed to follow yall’s explorations, your courage, your honesty. I’m a male bottom, envious of your tech, delighted to be married 27 years to a woman who understands my needs. Best wishes to you both.
    Sail Bottom, from Arkansas, USA.

  19. I read your blog all the time, just wanted to say hello since I’m definitely a lurker. πŸ™‚

  20. Often lurking, sometimes commenting, always impressed. Thanks for being a great wordsmith who just happens to be pervy. J&W

  21. Keith, well I still work with a load of idiots yes! I’m now having to work with them over more days (5 instead of my previous 3 condensed ones) so its pissing me off slightly! Work gets kind of busy in the winter for me so this is what at the moment is taking up a lot of my time. Catching up for being off! lol I’ll forgive you the red roses, since of course mine are white!

    Kenny, I love Doune, i somewhere have pictures of my ex (male) sub in one of the rooms in the castle Doune on his knees πŸ˜‰ Wish i could find those pictures!

    W, thank you

    Hermoine, thanks , i love your namesake one of my favourite female characters in books ever πŸ™‚

    blueeyedtawni, hey, waves back :))

    John, glad you’re back too !

    Jamie, gosh you guys are all making me feel guilty for being tardy of late . Thanks for your comment.

    Melaka, I’m glad you find it interesting, life is not always about bondage, or kink, or about anything in particular to me it is all just another way of expressing my sexuality and well my feelings for my partner πŸ™‚

    Colleredo, thank you for your comment, Germany is one place i’m still to visit, hopefully one of these days πŸ™‚

    Padme, you are definitely a special lady. After i started my blog yours was one of the first I came across and have always followed. It was so great to meet you 2 years ago, i hope we manage it again *properly* πŸ˜‰ hehehe

    guest, welcome, good luck in finding someone who makes you happy πŸ™‚

    Housebound, thank you, I was saying to Grimly I so much prefer him in a suit than any other clothes he has. Something about him looking proper makes him kinkier I think LOL. Thank you so much for your lovely words.

    Tim, I wish we were living together. But sadly it is not yet the case! Though we do now have a date on that of around March. At the moment the problem has really been in adjusting back to reality, my work commitments have changed a little – my job is the same but my hours are different and my free time is less at the moment at least. But yes we have been gallavanting a bit too having a weekend up at his and also the weekend in Whitby for halloween so i will catch up just be patient. JG I think was being kind by giving my fans a sneak peak LOL. Well in return he shall be the subject of my next post πŸ˜‰ hehe

    HI Mistress 160 thanks for your comment!

    A.S.S, I think that is a fantastic idea! I know she will read these comments when she does her round up of how many have participated to LOL πŸ™‚

    Dave, wow , 35 years , I don’t know if i can last that long he might wear me out LOL>

    KC, now everyone here knows that is not true!

    Lauren, thanks for your comment. I’d love to know this time next year how you’re getting on, well please do leave a comment or drop me an email before hand too if you like. I am sure everything will develop naturally and hope you both have fun exploring together :))

    Deirdre, thankyou πŸ™‚ I try to be grounded, not always possible when new heights of ecstasy are reached hehehe

    Snowdrop ,I think you’ve probably answered your own question! But yes, it is. Exactly the same. Two sides of the same coin πŸ™‚ in which each supports and complements the other.

    Sail bottom, thank you for your comment. I guess you are into boats, Grimly is trying to be. Hmm. I do not really wish to be a galley slave.

    Jayme, Hi nice to hear from you πŸ™‚

    and Jim & Wendy, well another wonderful couple πŸ™‚

    Thank you all for your lovely comments, please feel free to leave more πŸ™‚

    I think its great that you’ve all wanted to share little glimpses of your relationships πŸ™‚ I guess it sums it up really kink is nearly always at its best when its carried out with someone you love and want to make happy πŸ™‚

  22. Late as usual πŸ™‚

    Yep, I qualify as a lurker but what a place to lurk.

    Still finding my way, learning new things every day and who knows who or what kink will bring me

  23. I’ve been lurking for about six months and have just caught up with your blog. I must thank you for all you have written, one day I went back to the first page and read it all. Took quite a while.

    Congratulations on your wedding and I hope you and Grimley have many years of happiness together. You always look so beautiful and I think doubly so at you wedding. Are you planning on having children? If so, will you have to suspend activities as they grow up or do you think they will accept it?

    As for me, I started as a young boy imagining me hurting other people, mainly women, but decided that was not nice and that maybe I should think about what it would be like to have it done to me. That included being dressed as a woman. I loved it and tried it for real, I came for the first time whilst doing it, so forming a fetish. I became very inventive with self bondage. I am still in the closet and single. For a few years I could simply roll over in bed and think about my fantasies and come. I lived with my parents despite holding down a fairly high powered job and later looking after my parents when not at work. My parents both passed away a while back and I could become more active again. Now I’m pushing 60 and wondering if my fantasies will last into old age. I am into bondage and being controlled but not into pain, well nothing like yourself anyway. I read your blog and imagine your pain but also I imagine what it would be like to have someone like you under my control. Thats a feeling I have not had for many years.

    In public I follow manly hobbies and have manly interests. I believe housework and cooking should be done by someone wearing a dress. Now I have nobody else to do that stuff, I draw the curtains and put on a dress or a maid’s uniform to do the cooking and housework. This year I took it a stage further and booked a session with a Mistress for maid training. I loved it and I love my Mistress but can only really afford a session every three months. She was impressed by my inventiveness and I am making some bondage gear for her other customers to help them be more ladylike. I write a private report to her most days and share my fantasies with her. She has suggested I should publish them but I doubt anyone would want to read them, and I would have to be very careful to leave out any clues as to where I live and who I am as I have a certain level of fame. Not that you would recognise me but you might…., well I wont go into that. I had a new uniform made up based on one of Mattel’s Barbie dolls which they made as ‘a tribute to the working woman’ which was a French maid Barbie. I wore it and a suitable wig at a session and my Mistress renamed me Sissy Barbie.

    I live out ‘in the sticks’ to the South of London.

    Thanks again for sharing your deeply private life with us, I wish I could be so open.

    Sissy Barbie

  24. Gosh Barbie thats dedication to read it all, not even I can remember what I’ve written LOL.

    Thank you for your comments about the wedding, as for the future who knows what will happen!

    Thanks for sharing your story πŸ™‚

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