All the fun of the fair

Back in September whilst they were on honeymoon this girl and Grimly went to the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco and were lucky enough to spend a few days either side with the lovely people at Serious Bondage.

To be honest this girl and Grimly planned the wedding (as in the normal one) round being able to visit with JG Leathers in Canada and to fit in a road trip to San Francisco and the flights were booked well in advance of the church!

The Folsom Street fair was traditionally a gay celebration but it has gradually become a celebration of all sexualities and kink and during Folsom weekend San Francisco expects to ‘see it all’.

The day began with getting dressed up into bondage at the house and then traveling on public transport to the fair in a group of about a dozen kinky people. Whilst everyone was clothed the outfits ranged from corsets and catsuits to ponies and puppies. It was a very fun journey given such a thing just *wouldn’t* happen here in the UK. Though it would be great if it did!

This girl went to the fair in her pony girl outfit together with her hoof boots. The hoof boots are a lot easier to walk in on concrete than they are on grass so she thought it would be a good opportunity to see how she could last in them and she managed pretty well! Certainly the blister she got was worth all the attention. This girl has NEVER had so many people ask to take her photograph. Oh and a lot who didn’t ask too! It seemed to be some sort of photography convention of people seeing how many kinky photos they could get lol. Well this girl , Grimly and Captive Kink managed to get a few pictures between them and some are below for your enjoyment 🙂 This girl also did a video interview for a tv station but is unsure whether it actually aired anywhere!

The fair itself is pretty much a few blocks of San Francisco being shut off and filled with people parading in their finery. There are also many stalls selling dvds, equipment and clothing. This girl didn’t really see anything she wanted to buy but things that gave her ideas!

Would she go again? Maybe, since she met a lot of interesting people at Folsom and during parties before and after it, but the parties and the play at those were better than the fair itself since there were more opportunities to talk to people and to interact. The fair was definitely something though that was worth doing at least once, just to see all the different kinks on show and to be part of that.

Oh ok yeah it was fun to get the attention too! lol

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5 thoughts on “All the fun of the fair

  1. I can see why you had so many requests for a photograph !! Superb 🙂

  2. It’s great to see that you’re such a popular and known person yet still so personal and down to earth. It makes your blog that much more rewarding as one of my sites that I visit daily.

  3. Thanks everyone it was indeed a great day 🙂

    Doc, thanks, I feel bad I’m not managing to update it daily at the moment now lol x

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