Blood is thicker than water

So from mummies….pretty much we go to all things of the undead – vampires, ghosts,skeletons and every strange thing imagineable. It is of course Halloween!

This girl and Grimly had wanted to go to see Alice Cooper in concert tonight in Glasgow one of the dates of his night of fear tour, but there is a bit of a clash with a significant family gathering. Unsure if this is just another quirky coincidence or whether it says something about the whole set up here lol.

Anyway as a result Grimly and this girl celebrated Halloween on Saturday in Whitby at the Bram Stoker Vampire Ball since a friend Kitty_Devil, (the same girl who runs the burlesque class this girl went to) was performing there and also it fitted in with seeing family based in England too.

Whitby has a very strong association with Dracula and all things gothic and paranormal, and this girl had always wanted to go to a goth or vamp event there so it was good to finally be able to do that. Her outfit however was tamer than most people’s!

This girl wore a long black dress with web effect sleeves and collar together with a velvet posture collar, hat, corset and gloves. Grimly went for the white tie and tails look which was found by scouring local vintage clothing shops – always fun!

There was all sorts though from vampires to victorian socialites and from skeletons to spectres and…girls doing burlesque with halloween themed routines. There was music too – but much of it was erm  an acquired taste lol.

There was some crossover with fetish of course since halloween is always a time for people to generally ‘get away with being themselves’ a little more.

In the past this girl has dressed up for Halloween at work, not this year though ,whilst the outfit she wore was tame by the standards of the ball it would be a little much for the usual standards seen at the average work place dress up.

It was a great night out though and this girl would certainly recommend getting along there to it, there’s events going on in Whitby tomorrow as well and also at the weekend its the turn of the goths.

last two pictures by the Marquis of this girl being smitten and bitten by a sexy blonde vamp

7 thoughts on “Blood is thicker than water

  1. Hello lovely lady. I am back in good health again.And it seems just in time, you two make a wonderful couple! Thank you for the wonderful pictures!

    Sincerely, John

  2. you and count grimly look good. Whitby for halloween could not get a better venue!

  3. Still looking good and sexy even if you are a married woman I still fancy the pants off you!!
    Love Malc XXXX

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