I want my mummy!

So back to that box in San Francisco…….

Whilst this girl was secured in the box Mummyed of the Serious Bondage crew busied himself with mummifying three guys – Subbboy2,Chuck & Daever.

All the while the guys were being mummified this girl was shut in the box, slightly cramped and squished and breathing through her gas mask which was connected to a hose leading to the outside! It takes quite a long time to wrap three guys in  clingfilm and vet wrap as anyone who has been mummified will know. At least it felt a long time. Though its one of those types of bondage activities that takes a long time to get into but really not much time at all to get out of! (The feeling of a cold knife against the skin being quite erotic after the warm cosy feeling)

Being in the dark this girl really had no concept of time, however, whilst she couldn’t see anything she could hear plenty of what was going on outside and lots of shuffling noises.

From time to time Ed opened the box just probably to check she was still there and hadn’t done some escapist magic trick (if only)

She did manage to get out of the original cuffs she was put in but some kind soul ended up finding some inescapable ones. Well there were plenty to choose from !

This girl quite enjoyed being in the box whilst the guys were mummified. Whilst those guys were getting hot and sticky in their clingfilm she was quite spaced out. Somehow a gas mask does that very easily to her as though perhaps the regulated breathing causes an almost hypnotic effect.

But with three safe guys out there was it safe to come out?

Well those guys weren’t going anywhere and certainly no danger to anyone in their cosy wrapped up state!  With some assistance and a kind person with the keys this girl managed to get out of the box and see the artistic display that the boys were working on :

Perhaps a slight clue where the gang were all going to be heading two days later!

pictures taken at & by the crew at Serious Bondage.

4 thoughts on “I want my mummy!

  1. Those are fantastic pictures. I love Serious Bonadage, especially any article in which the writer talks about their own experiences. I don’t think I’d have gotten as comfortable with myself being kinky if it weren’t for that site. We need clean, well-lighted places, so to speak.

    And, uh, welcome back!

  2. You really have me curious about experiencing latex after checking out your site. These are great pics. Where did you get your feet/hooves? I LOVE THEM! 🙂

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