Action packed!

Well the honeymoon is over and this girl has been delivered back to reality with a bump. Thank you to everyone who helped make it so special and also to those who have left words of support and encouragement from afar. Normal service (ish) will soon be resumed.

Perhaps being transported in this comfy crate complete with air supply would have been much comfier than sitting on the piece of cardboard that was called a seat!

As a result of a rubbish flight this girl is still rather jet lagged, a bit more sense and more stories to be delivered your way soon πŸ™‚

Photo taken at Serious Bondage at a party during the build up to Folsom St.

11 thoughts on “Action packed!

  1. Welcome back….. So glad you had a wonderful time (did you need a jumper?? Lol). Nice pic by the way…. Looks like the perfect way to travel if you ask me πŸ™‚

  2. That box looks rather roomier than a US Air coach seat I endured a few months back.

  3. Glad to see you back and had a good time. I can give you a few bad flights storys across the alantic.

  4. Welcome home and what a lovely way to start the motor of your blog up again? A question which someone reading may shed some light on. We understand that Tickleberry based on the Isle of Wight has ceased trading. We certainly cannot locate their website. How sad if true. They always conveyed a nice spirit and we obtained a wonderful leather Stockroom straightjacket through them.

  5. I guess the flight sucked a lot because we didn’t want to come home, as i have a (lengthy) complaint in with the airline i’d rather not name them in case they do me for liable (though i think they’re too boring to read anything kink!) I didn’t need a jumper in SF Kenny but I did need it on vancouver island. California was hot and sunny!

    Llsv i’ve never used tickleberry so i don’t know. If anyone is on the look out for a uk hitachi wand seller i’ve found one (with attachments) at A treat to us with what money was left over lol

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