Just Married

more to follow but just to let you know for now, Grimly and this girl are

33 thoughts on “Just Married

  1. Congratulations to both of you. Considering the pictures of harnesses,etc., that Grimly has made for you, can’t wait to read about and see pictures of the honeymoon!
    Again, congratulations!

  2. Congratulations (I wonder if the number of comments to this post can break your record!)

  3. Congratulations ! A lot of fune on the honeymoon and the best for you both in your marriaged live !

  4. May I pass on to you the wish that was given to us 50 years ago,
    by an old lady we did not know, as we left the church.

    She said –
    “I won’t wish you luck, you have to make your own luck and fortune.
    Instead I wish you both Good Health.
    With that you can do anything you want to in life.”

    And I will add a thought of my own, in the spirit of you Blog –
    * Remember that this is a knot you tied yourself –
    So work hard to stop it slipping loose ! *

  5. Congratulations! wishing you both many years of love and happiness.

  6. Very happy on your behalf!! Enjoy your time together now!!

    hugs from Daniela in Denmark

  7. First the royals, now TG reaping her Gimm one, with a long honeymoon with JG and Folsom. Life is GOOD! Remember Grimly now you can just chain her to the computer so she can wax profusively whilst in the midst of your deviousness. Moseltov!

  8. Congratulations hun! Cherish one another and the moments you spend together. Remember the mark of a good match ismt how matched you are when things are great its how you handle the bad times together as a unit

  9. Congrats! Can’t wait to hear/see all about it!

    Wishing you many happy bonding years to come! 🙂

    t-p and SG xx

  10. Thanks for all the comments everyone 🙂 We are now on honeymoon so may be difficult to reach for a few weeks will update here as and when I can:) xx

  11. Belated wedding congrats. We have just returned from San Diego after 5 weeks away and will now begin the read of all the wedding action and beyond….Yep we are jet lagged as well 8 hour difference… agghh.

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