Dangerous minds

Grimly made this girl a new head harness recently, pictured below. It does also have different mouth and eye attachments that can be used, but this girl quite likes the ones in this picture as they are different to any head mask she’s had before and it all padlocks together at the back.

Ok so the mouth attachment is a bit hannibalesque. Quite ironic really as there is absolutely nothing dangerous about this girl especially not when she’s tied up and can’t move anyway! What could a sadist find dangerous about a harmless little masochist?

Well Grimly’s answer for choosing to make this type of attachment was because he can. πŸ˜‰

The eye mask is probably the most interesting part of the mask for this girl. She’s not had a pepperpot hood or mask before and it presents a very strange view of what is going on. The way to explain it is a bit like a kaleidoscope what she can see is very distorted and patchy and fractionated.

This girl likes hoods and masks that have total blackout as it’s easy then for physical sensations to take over what the mind is thinking about as well as to enjoy the apprehension and lack of knowledge as to what is going on. However there is still something much trippier about a restricted view as opposed to no view at all. What she sees is exactly what he wants to see. He wants her to see a bit, enough for her to realize what is going to happen but for her eyes to be still in bondage and controlled. Really another way of him controlling what her mind processes.

Perhaps that would be dangerous if she didn’t want him in her head, but then if this girl did not want Grimly in her head he wouldn’t be able to get in there in the first place.

For all this stuff to work you need really to at least part way want it, or think you want it, or at least be curious about it.

Curiosity, thats the dangerous bit right there πŸ˜‰

5 thoughts on “Dangerous minds

  1. All that is missing from that picture is the Sign –

    “Please do not feed the animals”
    or perhaps an NHS

    PS> When IS that Wedding ? All the best !

  2. oh lol the wedding is soon, as it is a traditional family wedding i don’t want to really publish details here but will post one or two pics afterwards hopefully.

  3. Does have a Hannibal Vibe to it LOL, but I really like it. Having locks in the back makes it even better πŸ™‚


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