Gearing up

Not only is it not very long to the wedding it is also not very long to the honeymoon either! Last time this girl was at Grimly’s much careful consideration was given to what to take and its looking as though a whole bag or more will just be taken up with kinky stuff.

This girl is perhaps going to be wearing variations of white a lot over the next few weeks though since she and Grimly decided the pony harness would look good with a white catsuit and he also made her a new white harness as well. The picture below shows the pony harness with a white latex catsuit but its going to be used with a spandex one as its probably going to be too hot for latex in San Francisco!

Grimly made a few more modifications to the head harness after this picture was taken so hopefully by the time it is all finished and accessorized it should look really good!

4 thoughts on “Gearing up

  1. Dont assume San Francisco is gonna be hot….. last time i was there i had to buy a jumper…and that was in JUNE!!!!! As soon as the fog rolls into the bay area the temperature drops like a stone. Mibbee take some latex just in case lol

  2. I was in SF last September, daytime temperature never dropped below mid 70’s and reached high 80’s. Lowest at night was very high 50’s, so agree, think latex will be far too hot.

    Great pic though

  3. I’ll have to second Kenny on this. Mark Twain wrote, after all, that the coldest winter he ever saw was a summer in San Francisco. I’m slightly biased, however, as I live someplace where it’s too hot for latex in the dead of the season we jokingly call “winter.”

    We recently renewed our vows last year and tried to decide what to take on our second honeymoon. I do believe we actually had more bags devoted to BDSM than to street clothes.

    I’d be very curious to know how getting through customs goes as the screening practices have changed recently (AGAIN!). There were several items I wanted to take that I didn’t even dare trying to get through security. I had a rather large pack of rechargeable batteries packed in my camera bag on our last excursion to visit the husband’s family up in Boston. They were lithium ion and I wasn’t allowed to bring them. I’d keep that in mind while packing. You might be able to get into the US with certain items, but getting back onto a plane to leave with them might be tricky.

  4. i think i’ll just pack for every eventuality LOL and take loads of stuff that will never get used as i do on every other holiday 😉

    though i’m going to try and be sensible!

    We’re flying into Canada and driving to the USA so don’t know how things will be. I’ll check the guidelines of the airline though but we took rubber and stuff before and other kinky things and didn’t have any issues.

    Lets hope none this time!

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