Through thick and thin

This girl came across a post on fetlife yesterday encouraging debate about a munch that is going to be happening down in England for people smaller than a size 12. This girl is almost a size 12 now but that’s beside the point of it really. It seems a bit of an elitist concept and strange given the host is not below a size 12 or a woman for that matter.

This girl has never really been ‘thin’ and probably never will anything below a size 12 due to her shape. A shape that for the most part she is now mostly comfortable with after losing a stone and a half. But there have been times when her size (and people commenting on it) have made her uncomfortable.

It just seems to be the way in both normal and fetish society that beauty for the most part still has some stereotypes and that’s pretty bad. All the models you see on Insex, sites and House of Gord all seem to have similar body types, but then sure that’s the difference between models and women who are just ‘normal’.

These sites recruit the type of girls they think will sell their ideas so in a way you can’t blame them for that, though everyone’s tastes are different. This girl for instance doesn’t often go for stick insects preferring girls with curves and a bit of shape.

At least in reality at most fetish clubs and events that people go to there is not as much emphasis on the size of your waist or boobs or bottom, everyone is looking at EVERYONE. But being female,this girl and probably so many others still feel self conscious of how they look or how thin they are or aren’t.

This girl can still remember her ex’s last public scathing comment of her saying she’d got fatter and less attractive than he remembered. Given he’d done so much else to hurt her that comment didn’t really hurt so much it was just a pathetic and bitter blow at her for the sake of it.

For the wedding this girl has felt under quite a lot of pressure to lose weight. Nobody has pressured her to do it at all other than herself. But then its what everyone wants to have those beautiful wedding pictures and a dress that isn’t the size of a tent LOL. The pressure has been caused partly by that but also this girl has put a bit of pressure on herself to obviously look good on holiday too 😉 Though unlikely there will be a bikini in sight (thank God for that!) . Watching the scales is depressing sometimes when they don’t move, this girl can see how weight loss can easily spiral into an addiction and a problem but she is now at the point where she is not stressing so much about it given there has to be a point where a sort of line is drawn.

This girl is lucky to have a man that will love her no matter what, whether she’s a size 18,16,14,12 doesn’t matter to him. It might mean the stuff he has to make her is bigger or smaller but that’s all. Grimly has always made this girl feel gorgeous especially when she’s not really felt it herself.

Given this sort of insecurity isn’t unusual amongst women this girl thinks its pretty rotten for someone to go out to promote a merely social event that excludes people over what their definition of attractive is. Well, on the fetlife thing for who is going there is only one at the moment so it doesn’t look like it will be a success.

Some munches aimed at particular groups seem to work like the Fem domme one this girl went to was quite good because it was especially for people interested in female led relationships, likewise there are some M/s ones out there that look quite interesting. But an event that excludes based on vital statistics? Doesn’t seem that interesting given there are so many people who are extremely gorgeous with more ample dimensions.

A lot of people go on and on about this BDSM community thing, how can that exist when people still choose to exclude others because of something so petty?

Well rant over.


4 thoughts on “Through thick and thin

  1. Would be awful enough if said host fitted those categories, but if he doesnt, then its far, far worse, and absolutely hypocritical on their part. Personally I hope no one else turns up!
    Be proud of your figure dear, you should be.

  2. You are right to have a good rant. If it is all about size is this tosser so shallow! He is missing out on loads. Your figure is just fine

  3. Actually I’ve seen huge success for events specifically for BBW’s and curvy gals. So maybe it’s just the skinny thought that won’t work.

  4. Thanks for the comments 🙂 I just thinking having a social gathering based on one persons idea of beauty is a bit strange…

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