The boy who didn’t grow up

This girl went to see a production of Peter Pan at the weekend. It was OK, the set and the children in the performance were fantastic but Peter Pan himself was a total muppet! He was played by an adult acting like a spoilt (and camp) child. He needed a good spanking to be honest! His bratting was past the point of tolerance. Imagine – bratting so bad it’s unbearably annoying! This girl is sure Grimly couldn’t even begin to understand that! πŸ˜‰

The girl that played Wendy was fantastic though. Wendy is one of the several child hood heroines that this girl associated with when she was a child others include Roberta in The Railway Children, Mary Lennox in the Secret Garden and Alice in Alice in Wonderland.

In the Peter Pan show this girl saw the other day she really wanted to give Wendy a good shake and tell her to go home though because Peter really was not worth falling in love with. He was a moron! When this girl was little she would hope for Wendy and Peter to end up together but you know still have adventures and all that. Isn’t there something in every little girl that wants to be rescued by her hero only to rescue him right back πŸ˜‰

Grimly of course, has a bit of Peter Pan syndrome going on. Perhaps it helps the age difference issue because this girl does not see him as being mentally 21 years older than her. That’s not to say he’s a brat or an immature idiot, he’s just not got to the boring bits of being a grown up. At least not all of them. Obviously somethings are very adult πŸ˜‰Β Like Wendy though this girl knew she was in love with him when she saw his tears and wanted to stop them.

This girl was very much attracted to Grimly’s own version of Neverland. Something about what he could offer really set her pulse racing and whilst the adventure up north in the snow was nothing like a flight sprinkled in fairy dust that first time was special all the same.

Sometimes this girl feels a bit bad, because like Wendy there are aspects of her that want to grow up, to settle down. You know, get married. Imminently . LOL. Sometimes she worries whether he is really the type to settle down whether he’d rather be off fighting pirates (if he ever gets his boat) or tying up indian princesses (no that’s out he doesn’t like rope).

As always there is an aspect of finding the balance, this girl still wants the adventures but also the sort of cosy bits as well. Like having vivid dreams and nightmares and fantasies that are real but getting up in the morning and doing normal things. But sometimes getting up in the morning and the dreams spilling over.

This girl is convinced it will all work out okay despite Grimly saying she’s a rubbish kisser! Charming!

4 thoughts on “The boy who didn’t grow up

  1. I can see you being great with kids for there good night story. I think you and grimly are made for one and other, for what you write abour you two. He is 1 lucky guy!! If you want a hand with the kissing. lol

  2. oh I love literature and reading, after the wedding when i have more time i’m hoping to go and do my english degree by distance learning hopefully. Yeah maybe he was made for me, proves God has a sense of humour LOL no seriously i love him to bits πŸ™‚

  3. i think you are a great kisser…. and if you need more practice, you know where i am πŸ™‚

    i think you two will do just fine.

    t. x

  4. Lol thanks personally I think its grimly who needs practice I don’t really like kissing boys so much ! Eugh! X

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