Everything but

This girl first came across BDSM when she was around 21-22. Which for her, was relatively fast work given she only lost her virginity at the age of 20!

The guy she lost her virginity to was someone she met on the internet on a chat room and who she fell in total lust with on meeting. (With hindsight) he was the most inappropriate person to bring home to the parents humanly possible since he was a pakistani with very long hair on a student visa that smoked a lot of cannabis, worked in a video shop and lived in a grotty bedsit in E17. But actually he was good fun and sometimes serenaded this girl on his guitar with 80’s love ballads and kind of opened her eyes up a bit. Problem was he was totally vanilla oh yes lol.

Around the last birthday of his that this girl was with him was around the time she discovered BDSM and tried to introduce it to him. He wasn’t really having it! Some men don’t , the idea of tying up a ¬†woman or hurting one doesn’t appeal to everyone. The only kink he really had was anal sex.

When he first suggested it this girl was totally against, given she was still quite inexperienced and all that but it became an addiction with him once he encouraged her to try it and it happened lots and this girl pretty much was convinced she was most definitely into more than the missionary position with the lights off from there on.

Given that boyfriend was anally fixated it was odd that her next one (and first dom) was pretty much orally fixated, but then well everyone is different. Grimly however is not fixated on any one thing pretty much being into everything this girl would want him to be into.

However it took him a very long time to have anal sex with her, more than six years after only actually going all the way with it a few weeks ago!

He had put her in the sling and tormented her a bit with various clamps and inflatable plugs whilst she was hooded and unable to stop him and then had decided to fuck her. It is unusual in itself for Grimly to fuck this girl in the playroom so it was a bit of a surprise but it was amazing given it hurt but erotically so.

It is not really all that hard for this girl to explain what she likes about being bound and used in any way he wants its not exactly rocket science or anything like that!

Any sort of anal play whether it be an enema, or electrics or whatever is very much a reminder that Grimly is in control of what happens to her body and that she is not – nor is anyone else for that matter since it is something she would not wish anyone else to do with her.

Of course whilst there is that psychological element to it probably the physical rush is far greater since sensations to that part of the body can be either torture or pleasure or a bit of both.

2 thoughts on “Everything but

  1. Had a little anal play with the good Lady myself last night ! Small world eh? LOL Been a couple of weeks since I’ve had the ‘time’ to cover her in latex/bondage and have my evil way with her ! Still my only ‘problem’ is that the Hitachi is still to severe for her..even with the rheostat accessory !

    Grimly is one lucky man.

    Keep up the good work…….September is looming !

  2. i know! hey you better not try an eroscillator on her then she’d probably hit the ceiling…no wait she’d be too well tied down for that.. heheh x

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