Heavy petting

So after playing with captive kink’s cat this girl also got to play with a certain puppy girl.

There is something about puppy play that is cute and playful but yet incredibly sexy as well. This girl had a go at being on the receiving end near the start of the year when she bought a leather puppy mask and Grimly modified a tail plug for her. On the receiving end this girl was very turned on and the humiliation aspect was delicious. The bondage was not 100% comfortable as this girl was unnaturally on her knees and elbows and fitted with a substantial tail but it worked extremely well and it was easy to drift off into the headspace the role and bondage guided her to.

Having her own pet is a bit different and it is about twenty years since she had a puppy but luckily this one didn’t require newspaper to be put down and didn’t bite!

The picture below shows this girl with pup who is wearing a latex hood a latex bikini and ballet boots to keep her on the ground. Though the chains were also put there by captive kink to ensure obedience. Pup also was tormented a little with nipple clamps and a vibrator perhaps not so much animal cruelty but animal kindness in this case as she seemed to like it rather a lot.

She was a very obedient puppy walking nicely on her leash and acting on commands. Certainly much more obedient than Cutie (down bitch) who is much crazier being a poodle!

After the clamps were removed pup spent a good chunk of the afternoon spaced out on the floor with just the movement of her breathing mask visible.

This girl enjoyed teasing and playing with her puppy very much since as she explained in a previous post when she is not on the receiving end for her it is mostly about fulfilling the fantasy of the person she is playing with and helping them achieve the experience they are looking for.

The thing with bdsm is that there is not one activity suits everyone category. Something that this girl does with Grimly might totally turn off someone else and similarly she doesn’t find everything she comes across elsewhere appealing either.

However what’s not to love about a bound girl in a latex mask writhing around at your feet πŸ˜‰

Especially when its obvious how turned on and spaced out she is?

Picture of trinity pup taken by Captive kink

5 thoughts on “Heavy petting

  1. Can’t argue with a word you say TG. So happy that both of you got what you wanted out of last weekend.

  2. i was only too happy to be your puppy πŸ™‚ It was awesome and i need to get some ballet boots now!

    t. x

  3. You can always trust Captive Kink to apply the appropriate chains. Looks like a great session was had by all πŸ™‚

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