Putting my feet up

At the weekend this girl flew down to Bristol to visit her friend Captive Kink and was also then later visited by the lovely trinity pup and her dom, Singleglove.

It was a great weekend and much more detail to follow in due course! But as a teaser here are some pictures of a set that is now up on Captive Kink’s website for you to see of the bolero straight jacket he has, which has been recently modified to erm draw more attention to certain assets 😉

This session pretty much reminded this girl of the sometimes relaxing and therapeutic nature of bondage and was great fun. The pictures probably explain more than this girl can right now!

And yes there was a little pussy action 😉

Full set of 50+ pictures by Captive Kink – here.

8 thoughts on “Putting my feet up

  1. Stevie, we couldnt get the cat to pose! It was funny when our friends arrived the cat had just dug its claws into me so they were welcomed with a scream lol.

    Thanks Sue 🙂 X

  2. Love the shoes and the slimming is working a treat. Lookin’ good ‘n feelin’ fine.

  3. I love the “bolero” straightjackets (looks particularly good on you, BTW), and have always enjoyed the idea of keeping my woman in a comfortable, not-too-stringent, but still very real form of bondage for an afternoon or an evening. So basically I like this post, I guess is my point here. I should probably stop typing now. Yep, that would be for the best.

  4. I’m kinda with Ollie. Anything I post would basically be me stumbling over my own words, lol. I love Captive Kink’s work, though. His scenes always seem so perfect. His photos and rigging always flatter the model, but the bondage always looks pretty secure. Amazing photo set.

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