Master craftsmen

This girl has always been interested in people who can make ideas come alive from nothing but their imagination or from a vague description of an idea. Granted Grimly’s talents are what attracted her to him.

This girl thinks in part it may have something to do with her Dad. Whilst her parents weren’t poor they weren’t able to justify spending lots of money on toys either. So her Noahs ark, her train set and her swing were all home made and she had lots of things made out of painted cardboard boxes too.

She was at someone elses birthday party and they had a rocking horse so she asked for one of those and it was handmade too.

Part of the attraction of home made toys both non kink and kink is the talent of the maker but it is also knowing the love and thought that goes into it and also for the creator it must also involve seeing the reaction of how it is viewed or received.

So this girl is quite lucky that she found Grimly who has the talent for making things as well. Since custom made things fit perfectly and have that thought process behind them. For this girl stuff her Master has made mean more to her than bought things and probably the reason why she prefers her leather collar to the eternity one.

This girl is lucky in knowing other talented people as well including tlcwho made the beanie hood pictured below with the harness Grimly made. The latex wear tlc makes is very good and fits skin tight.
This girl had wanted a latex beanie for a while and its worked out great though she wasn’t too impressed when Grimly put a neck corset over it as well!

Recently this girl has been talking to
fetish leather crafter who is in the early stages of designing and making something for her. The design process fascinates this girl especially as there is the added difficulty of the atlantic in the middle so no more to go on than rough ideas sketches and measurements but she is more than confidant it will be something very special. So watch this space!

5 thoughts on “Master craftsmen

  1. My husband ideas and fantasies of things he wants to do to me. Unfortunately, he’s not very handy. Also unfortunately, I am. He’ll design something, we’ll finalize the plans, and I have to make it. It’s quite hard to focus on work when you know the finished product will be used to torture you. He also thoroughly enjoys my fumbling at the hardware store for vanilla answers to the frequently asked “What are we working on today?”

  2. Yes, therr is no denying that Grimly is a genius in developing, and creating his own toys. Mind, I must say you always look cute wearing them

  3. LOL Spooky i’m envious I wish i could do that as I would probably be fairer on myself than he is !

    Stevie, thanks 🙂 x

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