Snap out of it

People reading here a while might remember that Grimly can control this girl’s orgasms. She can only climax with the right trigger from him.

This girl knows that a lot of people don’t believe this sort of conditioning is possible but can assure you that it is, and maybe it’s all in her head, but then well there’s something in her head that he’s put there that’s for sure!

It’s hard to explain how it started. The first time this girl played with Grimly she told him he wouldn’t make her orgasm at all because at that point it was something that was quite rare to her given at that point she hadn’t experienced even maybe ten per cent of what she has now and she never had really orgasmed that much from penetration. Only really from clitoral stimulation.

He made her orgasm though, and it was massive. From a combination of bondage and pain and direct stimulation. Up to that moment it was probably the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced. She fought it and fought it though she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction but with his abilities and sheer arsenal of equipment it wasn’t really a fair fight and she was always going to lose.

It was a good few months down the line or perhaps actually longer that he introduced the brainwashing maskย which sat in quite nicely with this girl’s fantasies.

She knows she is a masochist. That is clear. She likes pain. She thrives on it, she orgasms from it.

The whole submission and control thing is a bit grayer and a bit less obvious.

This girl can’t explain why but she has always sort of fought the submission thing, not as much now as at the beginning but she always subconsciously questioned it and sort of wanted to fight being left in that state but then loving the conquest. She has always loved being reminded that she is his, that he is in control and that there is no way of fighting it.

That’s why the brainwashing idea works well as a fantasy because whilst she knows she is actually submissive deep down it helps to think it has been brainwashing into her against her will as though she has been powerless to stop it, and for a part of it, she has.

The mask does actually have an effect. It is quite 1984 it is a combination of flashing lights and noise which can then be timed with other stimulation. Grimly can talk into it as well so whilst her mind is relaxed because of the amount of stimulation being applied to her body he can suggest anything he likes and her brain will want to accept it.

It’s hard really to explain exactly how it works its sort of a combination of hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming. The first time he implanted an orgasm trigger in her head he had bound her and electrocuted her and frustrated her with vibrators (whilst also controlling her breathing) till the point where she wanted to orgasm so badly. He had then told her he would count down from 10 to 0 and that she wouldn’t orgasm until he reached the 0. He repeated that many times that first day and again on other occasions until after sometime he replaced the 0 for a word, and then sometimes other words, and also a click of his fingers. So that there were different triggers which could vary dependent on the surroundings – for example some of them weren’t appropriate to say in public LOL

It got to the point that the conditioning was so extensive and so deep that this girl could orgasm from her triggers from cold, on the phone, out shopping, anywhere just with his voice.

Though now its sort of worn off and has really for the last eighteen months or so. It still works when she is stimulated, she physically cannot orgasm without the trigger from him something in her mind stops her body from doing it, but it doesn’t work at the moment from cold.

This girl suspects it’s because her BDSM has been so less regular this last year or so because of the wedding plans and other work and family worries it’s as though whatever space in the brain is for that has been swamped with other ideas and memories perhaps.

Deeper down though this girl knows it is because she doesn’t feel all that submissive lately. She does when she’s with him and especially in a play situation but she doesn’t feel very aware of it the rest of the time. Again it feels as though the wedding is to blame since it started wearing off from really around the engagement. It’s hard to explain but it’s maybe as though finally getting him to propose and go through the elaborateness of the wedding plans has given her more control back than she can cope with that there doesn’t seem to be space in her head to be controlled unless physical reminders are there. It’s a sort of inbalanced feeling if that makes sense.

Hopefully once that particular date has passed it will all be back to normal again.

Perhaps sometimes though its good to remember what you had and miss it and then work at wanting it back again.


9 thoughts on “Snap out of it

  1. I think you just enjoy being brainwashed lol! I know it woulkd work as abn excuse for me, thats for sure!

    But yes, I hope things get back to normal post wedding for you

  2. The control can be done to and by anyone. HOWEVER it takes time to prepare the sub and complete the conditioning.

    I remeber a munch in the South of England where there was a submissive friend who could orgasm on a trigger word. A group of us were sat round a table and the trigger word was said by her Dom as part of a normal conversation, and there was the sub ohaving an orgasm…..

    What was more important it was only her Dom saying the word that would make her orgasm.

    Hope the wedding goes well and you have a really good honeymoon with plenty of kink and fun.

  3. Thanks Stevie *hug*

    The long bean, i agree it does take time and lots of reinforcement, but what you described is basically what we had its just a bit broken at the moment but I think after D-day is over it will be back to normal.

    The wedding plans are going pretty well so i think it will be a really nice day for everyone, the honeymoon, well, may be a little out of the norm ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for your comment ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hello thisgirl!

    I have my doubts. I think I understand perfectly well what you wrote about. But will the old feeling of submissiveness come back after D-day? I fear not. Marriage is a strange thing, I was married twice and can only say, it is in itself some kind of brainwashing. The two of you are suddenly one. Hard to explain.
    Of course you will go on with the same kind of pleasure games as before, but it is no longer a ‘you with him’, but more like a ‘you with yourself’.
    We cannot deny emotions about marriage, that have been bread over many centuries. You will see. After D-day it can take half of a lifetime to get yourself again, to become an individual person again.

    Nevertheless I wish both of you all the best and a great time!

    Biggest hugs! D.

  5. thisgirl, your post is actually right on. So many people involved in B/S S/M think of submissives as weak.. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    All of the submissives I’ve known are strong people. They are competent in their vanilla lives, and most of them have been in positions of responsibility. Lawyers, Doctors, Executives. When they submit they CHOOSE to submit. It is a willful act.

    Pulling the wedding together, working out the details of merging your lives, work.. You have a lot on your plate at the moment.

    For now maybe some of the magic is suppressed under the stresses of life..but trust me, it WILL be back.

    Much love to you both,


  6. Danielle its not that I feel any less his or less submissive than I was just my head is not able to slip into a sexual state when my mind is floating elsewhere in a million and one directions. I think we already are one and have been for years I could not be without him. I don’t think I have ever or will ever stop being an individual but I’m marrying him because I want to be a two in many respects as well.

    Vinny, thanks I think its just sometimes a different kind of magic:) and am sure you are right though ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Not at all our relationship is alive and healthy and always evolving, its just not the same as i expected it to be when i first met him, though, i’m happy with what we have, in fact i think what we have is more than i ever expected if it was only kink we wouldn’t still be together. We both need more than kink, especially now when we have a lot of outside influences affecting our lives.

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