This girl has very mixed feelings about any sort of BDSM play involving her breasts and more specifically her nipples.

It’s a very long time ago now but this girl used to be pierced. (apologies to long-standing readers that may have heard some of this before)  Her ex had wanted her to be pierced to ‘prove’ her submission to him and like a lot of men (and women) had the fantasy in his head that a slave should have nipple and labia piercings.  This girl isn’t denying the fact that after coming round to the idea she became aroused by the symbolism of it also.

Going to the piercers was an experience in itself. Walking into a tattoo place in her home town and asking for THAT to be done. It was sort of embarrassing but quite erotic as well until she had a drink afterwards and nearly passed out! The piercing didn’t heal properly though and after a second attempt at her ex’s request it failed again. This girl thinks it’s mainly because the original piercing wasn’t very good and so even now she has a bit of scar tissue there to the point where she wouldn’t wish to attempt the process again.

Although her ex had sort of pushed her into getting pierced when she did this girl did quite like the feeling of permanent markings which led her to eventually get the tattoo which she got after things got serious and established with Grimly.  Grimly would like her to get the septum piercing but this girl is quite happy to stick to the axsmar clip thank you very much!

Because of the time it took for the nipple piercings to heal it was a long time before this girl could use clamps and other nipple torture devices without feeling sick. There are times when she can still feel that way if it’s a hot day or if she’s in certain positions and the sensitivity there is still much more than it was before the piercings.

It’s a problem – Grimly likes clamps and other nipple torture such as electrodes there and this girl would be quite happy for the most part to leave it alone! Especially clamps! Maybe it’s because she has a bit of a complex about it that it freaks her out at certain times more than it should it’s like she gets in her head that it will hurt a lot so it hurts more. Nothing else bothers her as much really. At least not in a sort of almost sometimes freaked out way.

It doesn’t bother her if she’s already well immersed into a scene, or hooded so that she doesn’t notice it’s coming. Also, it’s still pain and she’s still a masochist so despite hating nipple play this girl really gets off on it. Despite really not wanting to!

Why is that – why do the most awful things cause the most delicious of reactions?

For the reason that this girl is a masochist she suggested to Grimly buying these nipple magnets. THEY FUCKING HURT!! Oh perhaps someone will come forward and say they don’t but this girl found them unbelievably painful. It is the closest thing she can compare to the feeling of the needle going through her nipple when she was pierced that she has experienced. The magnets are very strong and are unrelenting.  It wasn’t erotic pain though it was just horrid! But despite that, with everything else that was happening it still turned her on, perhaps it wasn’t the pain that turned her on as such more perhaps the fear as to whether she could get him to remove them or not!

Interesting concept that….what is more erotic the pain or the sadist inflicting it.

Well can’t have one without the other 😉

17 thoughts on “Titillation

  1. I have to admit to being very fond of my piercings…… my nipple ones were fine till i accidentally ripped one out and the others are pretty cool…. one grew out (and i was pissed… i REALLY liked that one) and the final one was done without my knowledge. love em all 🙂

  2. Ow! Those magnetic ball things look like they’d hurt a fair bit.

    I must say though that the hood looks like fun! Pretty small hole to breathe through and all that 🙂

  3. Kenny – OWWWWWWWWwwww

    TheHalfHeard – yes its one of my favourites I think, the hood not the nipple clamps LOL

  4. I love the sound of those things – placing an order right now in fact. Since you describe the 9mm ones as ‘unbelievably painful’, I guess you’re really hoping Grimly doesn’t stumble across the larger and stronger 12mm version? *grin*

    They do look cute, but I notice they’re well back from the actual nipple – do they hurt more or less like that? Once mine arrive, I’m thinking I’ll try the bigger ones back there with the 9mm ones on the actual nipple, like Devus show in their pictures … if I’m brave enough!

  5. We got them as an experiment and possibly worth having in the toy box since they are cheap enough but i’m unsure if we’d ever use ours again since neither of us were that keen preferring the other clamps and stuff we already have. I think the makers have got the intensity of the magnet just a shade too much. You”ll have to experiment yourself to see where they hurt the most lol i was quite happy for them to go back in their box without really experimenting much further!

  6. Well, both pairs arrived in the post today, so I rushed to try them. I couldn’t get either pair to stay in place on the actual nipple, but the 9mm ones on the flesh behind didn’t feel so bad … after a minute, I felt a bit disappointed, and switched to the 12mm. A bit stronger, yes … tighter … actually, a little bit s- OUCH! Once the pain kicks in, hard to endure for more than a couple of minutes, and quite tricky to remove afterwards, too. Of course, I’m guessing from that photo you didn’t get so much say in when they came off?

    I’ll definitely give them another try tonight, though, along with the other two toys in that order. They’re certainly quite different from regular clamps, certainly: the delay in the initial pain is quite interesting. If you want to make them less severe, I suspect a wrapping (a sock perhaps?) will dull the force quite a bit as well as making them easier to pull off afterwards.

  7. glad you had fun with them,

    i dunno putting a sock in it would probably spoil the visual effect hehehe lol xx

  8. I’m a huge fan of nipple rings or barbells on women, as well as labia rings and/or clitoral piercings. I’m drawn to the fantasy of leading my slavegirl around by a leash either connected to her nipple rings or a clit ring, and the fantasy of having 4 labia rings that can be padlocked together as means of control and (partial) chastity.

    I also thought an interesting form of bondage would be a padded board that a slavegirl could kneel on with a very short chain from its center that could be clipped to her labial/clitoral ring(s). Once you took her hands out of play with anything from an armbinder to a simple pair of handcuffs, she’d need to remain kneeling until someone released her. Somehow that has a real “Story of O” vibe to it for me.

    What I’ve never cared for are facial piercings or the look of women who have numerous (6-8+) labia piercings; too busy.

  9. What size were your ones, I just received the 12 mm ones in the post and tried them. I lasted about 45 seconds before I just about blacked out and had to removed them

  10. after 10 minutes they start to hurt a little. nothing compared to my alligator clamps… this is more long term hurting i think 🙂

    now if i can just get the 2nd pair to “clamp” on properly… either they’re a bad combo or my right nipple is made of different material than my left one..

  11. “Grimly would like her to get the septum piercing but this girl is quite happy to stick to the axsmar clip thank you very much!”

    Assuming he continues to let it be your choice. If he had you in the position shown above but with gag instead of hood, and he decided it was nose piercing time, there’s not a lot you could do about it, is there?

  12. Probably not Ralph but he certainly would not pierce me himself seen as he doesn’t have any sort of training in body piercing. Also he would not get someone in to do it without me accepting first it was okay, he’s not that kind of dom that would force me into something that he knew i was against.

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