This girl has never been into horror films especially any of those torture porn type ones like Saw or Hostel. However there is sometimes the occasional graphic or scary scene in a film that might resonate with her.

Recently this girl watched the film Law Abiding Citizen in which Gerard Butler not Clive Owen who would be sexier plays a man whose family is murdered and who seeks revenge. As part of this he kidnaps one of the killers and injects him with a drug that induces paralysis in a sense that the body cannot move at all but it can feel everything and the man is then brutally tortured to death. There is a similar scene in the film Pathology as well.

Now obviously this girl does not want to be brutually tortured, maimed or murdered but the idea of being paralyzed temporarily by an injection is something that she finds an interesting concept. Obviously it is impossible to do such a thing safely at home but its an interesting idea all the same.

This girl is after all a reluctant masochist. Sort of. Not reluctant in that she doesn’t like pain but reluctant in that something in her will often try to fight against it like maybe some sort of self preservation hormone oh yeah adrenaline lol . A lot of the times if she can wriggle she will, if she can scream she will and if she can plead and beg she might do that too as the intensity of what is happening increases.

Grimly does quite often put her in situations where she cannot do those things where the bondage is restrictive to the nth degree and sometimes where she has been hooded or gagged and cannot speak or scream. Though he will generally do what he wants during a scene no matter how she protests in fact maybe sometimes protest makes him more sadistic. No surprise there!

The idea though of restraint being invisible and a physical semi permanent state is erotic for this girl. The idea that she would be like a living statue or doll and unable to move but still able to feel everything and not stop as her body is tormented and used without the signs of restraint.

Its edgy yes and would be terrifying to see everything coming and be frozen in place unable to resist until the effects wear off.

The thing is though there are drawbacks with the idea as this girl does very much enjoy seeing and feeling restraints and Grimly enjoys the rigging as much as the torture and other stimuli and sometimes he likes her protests and useless struggles.

It is most definitely one of those dark twisted fantasies that should stay in nightmares!

9 thoughts on “Paralysis

  1. Lol re the Butler and Owen comment btw. I know, and agree absolutely with what you say re the injection thing, but have to admit it, it would be a great way to start, or be involved in a robot transformation scene, though not necessarily of the paralysing type, but…

  2. Glad to know I’m not the only one with this fantasy! I like the feel of restraints, too, and love to test both my husband’s rigging and his choice of restraint. To us, that’s part of the game. One thing, though, I think that would be fascinating would be to just have the vocal cords paralyzed. Neither of us are the biggest fan of gags, but living arrangements require them.

  3. Spooky and thisgirl,
    while vocal chord paralysis is not practical, voice cancelling through a mike set up to trigger a circuit if a threshold of sound is met, or a shock collar type of arrangement will serve as a strong incentive to “keep it down” your “evil halfs” can also use noise canceling or white noise/phase shifting sound production.

    Using bud or insertable headsets with good noise cancelling muff type aids will only give you bone conduction hearing of yourself, and the knowledge of you being vocal As a last level of feeling you have control over something that can’t easily be restrained ( although a tight neck constriction can give some sense of that being controlled). As you probably have experienced, when done right it creates a surreal aspect of knowing you are making sound, yet unable to know if the sound you think you are hearing is really you, since you are not sure if you are hearing yourself.

    Tis fun messing with the senses!

  4. Spooky i’m not a fan of gags either, some of them i like but i hate any that have a drool factor. I find it hard to stay quiet though otherwise if the wrong?right? encouragement is there . lol

    Tim, indeed yes lots of fun to be had

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