You’ve made your bed now lie in it!

Islv wrote :

“As these things happen I was thinking of your blog in the wee small hours. I am a habitual bad sleeper and have been since before I was 10. I think the bad sleep came before the BDSM fantasies but it certainly creates the space for them even though learning to sleep hooded helps the sleeplessness a bit.

I was thinking to myself about bondage in spreader bars and wondered if a particular scenario has been discussed by your blog or experienced by yourself.

It would require the subject to lie flat out, probably on their back (for imaginations sake) in the spread angle position. Rigid spreaders would then be attached to cuffs
ankle to ankle
ankle to wrist
wrist to neck
neck to wrist
wrist to ankle

This would hold the subject totally fixed in the spreadeagle ready for play.

If you feel you can add anything to the thought, it would be interesting to get your take on it. I imagine it as something whose capacity to leave me all of humiliated, aroused and helpless if I was the subject would be immense”

In the picture this girl is attached to a yoke i.e. bar with neck and wrist restraints built into it, a spreader bar and two vertical bars completing the square. The hood she is wearing has nose holes only and once all fixed down she couldn’t see or work out what Grimly was doing until it was happening.

To be honest this particular rig probably didn’t have that much advantage over being tied to the bed posts since it was done quite quickly but it felt much firmer and gave her less ability to wriggle around since she couldn’t block anything Grimly wanted to do to her and she couldn’t try and position herself more to one side of the bed than any other. She was totally fixed in place until he unhooked it all.

As bondage goes though it could do with a few more finishing touches, perhaps ย built in waist and breast restraining bars, perhaps a bit to hold down a vibrator, perhaps the ability to be suspended and still rigid? It’s amazing actually how a simple idea can spiral out of control in the imagination ๐Ÿ˜‰ Spreader bars aren’t actually hard (or expensive) to make this girl will need to get Grimly to do a basic how-to on that at some point.

The problem is this girl has a man who can make those things happen. Oh yes that is the problem she has most definitely made her bed there ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sometimes that is a bit of a problem. She’ll suggest things to him that might be fun to do or things for him to make and then it happens and its too late but to do anything other than accept it. She asked for it right?

Oh but you know its not a complaint! If there ever was anyone that deserved what was coming to them then its this girl ๐Ÿ˜‰ Like you know, provided those things involve bondage and torture and stuff like that.

6 thoughts on “You’ve made your bed now lie in it!

  1. You wrote “Itโ€™s amazing actually how a simple idea can spiral out of control in the imagination”. So right and thanks for showing a visualisation of it. It is very simple and obviously effective! In a strange way it looks very calming and peaceful as well.

  2. I see a couple of advantages to the “rectangle frame” vs. just tying you to the bedposts:

    First, It would allow Grimly to flip you over without ever releasing your restraints, or with the help of someone else (or a cleverly designed dolly) to move you around the house still bound in that position.

    Next, as you said, it is pretty much begging for attachments like a rod to which a dildo could be affixed and tie-off points for the top of the head, neck and waist, but I’m sure those are probably all already in the works.

    Finally, it doesn’t look like it’d take too much effort to modify that setup to work very effectively with a vac bed over it.

    One other idea I had was to modify it sense changing tension on any of the corners, so if you shifted position, struggled against the restraints or failed to keep an even tension on all four corners, it could trigger some sort of electroplay device (pleasant or unpleasant).

    I think Grimly’s just created the foundation upon which a very versatile and potentially sadistic device could be made.

  3. a tilt switch or something like that is doable since we already have one for the table he made at the start of the year its pehaps being a bit square though ๐Ÿ˜‰

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