Sisters in slavery

So this girl finally finished reading one of her friend – Charles Graham’s novels – Sisters in Slavery. For some reason it takes this girl ages to read erotic fiction just reading  a little bit at at time in the bath lol. Well its one way of relaxing 😉

It tells the story of Maxine Osbourne who discovers dirty goings on at the company she works for but when she confronts her employer she and her sister Melissa are kidnapped and taken away to be trained as slaves. They are forced to become submissives against their will but with many orgasms and pain and pleasure along the way.

This girl enjoyed it quite a lot it’s weird though reading something someone she knows has written. She didn’t relate to it as much as to his previous book she’d read ‘Olivia Enslaved’ partly because she doesn’t associate much with the whole sister-slave thing.

This girl has never had a sister-slave. Sometimes there are days when she wonders if it would be quite nice as there are some bondage positions and predicaments that work better with two or more people than just with one, but mostly she doesn’t want to share the attention that regularly lol. Or well, more so she doesn’t want to share Grimly. Now and again is good though.

There have been times when she has though and it’s been fun, for example when Velvet was up a couple of years ago. Also a few years back at a party this girl was strapped to the tilt frame which electrocutes her if it tips past a certain angle and another girl had to hold the frame to stop it whilst Grimly was trying to be er distracting. That was a lot of fun.

When someone else is in bondage around this girl she finds it pretty erotic, especially if she has an idea what’s coming next and what is going to happen to the person.   She doesn’t feel pity though, but happy that the person is hopefully getting what they want and of course the sadistic bit of her personality can quite get off on that 😉

2 thoughts on “Sisters in slavery

  1. You….???? a Sadistic streak??? I would never have guessed lol 🙂

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