On your marks

This girl is desperately trying to get rid of some bruises at the moment! On Wednesday she had to get a double-decker bus to work because it was the only travel option available due to torrential rain. Given she was drenched, and the bus pulled away really quickly at some lights (bastard!) she ended up falling down the stairs and bashed her leg and hip. The bruises are pretty yucky and she wants them gone in advance of the burlesque class! So far the arnica is helping tremendously!

This girl was always clumsy as a child so bruises for her are nothing new, caused mostly by her lack of co-ordination. A reminder of pretty much her failure to watch where she’s going!

Bruises and marks caused by BDSM are different.

This girl can still remember the first time she saw her bruises from play. She had been at a fetish club and had received her first ever caning. It had been very hard but it hadn’t felt so bad at the time because the warm up there had been before hand and the endorphins rushing about in her head had made it feel more pleasure than pain. When she got home though it bloody hurt as though she’d been repeatedly hit with a block of concrete! Her bruises were every colour blue, black, purple, yellow, everything. Those first marks lasted about a month. For a few days a very conscious reminder of the twisted and odd thing she had done, and then gradually they died away but she could still see by looking over her shoulder in the mirror for a few weeks more. A reminder of her own desires and depravity.

Since this girl did corporal punishment type a lot when she first got into BDSM she stopped getting bruised so much. Her body built up a tolerance and resilience towards it. That’s good because although this girl does sometimes like marks it’s easier not to have them as it makes it far easier to do other things such as perhaps photos where marks don’t want to be seen or simpler things sometimes like going for a swim.

This girl much prefers the stripes of a cane mark over a bruise. Something over the red line of impact is so much more erotic than multi coloured bruises. The first time this girl played with Grimly he left her with several cane marks that kept her bottom warm on a very snowy drive home – Scotland in the middle of February is not fun!

However most of the types of play Grimly does with this girl do not leave physical marks. At least not lasting ones since electro-play and other hi-tec things like that do not really leave any visible reminders. The mental ones are much deeper. Well not marks as such but little imprints in her head and reminders of his control.

To physically mark this girl these days takes quite a lot. Sometimes it is something that quite intrigues this girl, to go so far that marks are left for days again (or longer). She is quite interested in the concept of judicial caning, of being sentenced to receive a certain amount and it not stopping no matter what. However, she’s seen some of the photos that result from that type of play where people are cut and bruised and bloody and whilst she is very much a masochist that is possibly not as far as she wants it to go.

It’s a fine line perhaps between going so far as to leave some marks that last a little while and between going so far as cuts the skin and does harm.

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