TOM : boy

Fiction – a very rough draft and not at all polished, but perhaps an idea for something that this girl might extend into something much more involved 😉 After possibly research 😉

It had been a long day at work and I couldn’t wait to get home and see my girl, to relax and then to perhaps later take some of the day’s stress out on her body. I unlock the door and see her kneeling there the absolute picture of submission bound and naked and totally available for anything I may wish to do.

Given her obvious need to please and arouse me I decide tonight might be the night when I take her to a slightly more unusual level in the pursuit of what I hope will be an intense shared fantasy.

I see the lemon cheesecake and I’m impressed that she has thought of every little detail. However, as she has provided the dessert I feel it’s only fair that I provide the main course.

I spend a bit of time teasing and caressing her ensuring that her body is aroused and her mind very much on edge. I want her mind and every feeling she experiences to be completely mine. I unclip her restraints and leave only the blindfold. I then take her by the hand and lead her upstairs to get ready.

There is a special box on top of the wardrobe that contains items to transform my girl into the perfect date. She is a tom boy naturally and so sometimes I like to encourage her feminity by getting her in pretty skirts, dresses and heels with her makeup done perfectly and her hair down. She is my girl after all. But she is a tomboy and this is my attempt to change the definition of that.

I attach her handcuffs to a suspension bar we have in the bedroom and winch it up so that her arms are stretched and put a spreader bar between her ankles so that she is totally available and totally vulnerable she is not going to stop what happens.

I’ve had some special latex pants made for her that contain two electric dildos they are quite small but will fill her cunt and ass snugly. I apply some contact lube to her crotch but it’s hardly as though she needs any as she’s already clearly turned on.

I insert the electrodes carefully into her body and fasten the pants around her, I’ve had them made so they zip up the side so that I can take them on and off her even when the lower half of her body is in bondage. I clip the remote electric unit to the belt of the pants and can feel her arousal heighten now she is double plugged for me.

But I’m far from done. I take my strap on harness and fit it round her over her latex knickers and attach an inflatable dildo to it so that I can alter the size of her penis as I want. She now has a proud cock displayed whilst there are the other two inside her.

I then take a special gag that allows fluid through a tube to enter the mouth but I don’t fit the tube yet. The most important component is still to come. I have had a doll mask made for her, but its different to the type manufactured before.

Mostly people want doll masks to look female to look like the perfect doll. That is not what I want – I want the perfect guy! Sexy on the outside, obedient and submissive but most of all female underneath. A guy who wont fall asleep after orgasm!

Therefore the mask has male features. ‘He’ looks about 20 and is good looking with blue eyes and nice features and the almost chiselled jaw that I like on a man. His young face makes me feel a little ‘mrs robinson’ but no matter.

I take the blindfold off my girl but instruct her to keep her eyes firmly closed and I put the mask on her she can’t see out of it as the eyes are like a dolls and don’t have peep holes. I line the mouth up carefully with the valve on the gag so I can connect the tube later.

With everything lined up I zip up the mask and put a wig of luscious brown hair onto him, and he now looks a bit like a young tom cruise if it weren’t for the tits. I decide to do something about those and so take some white vet wrap and bind it tightly round her tits. Her chest is now flat. I then dress up my Tom (boy) in a smart grey suit and a pale blue shirt after undoing the bondage on his feet and arms. I dress him up completely right down to his shoes and right up to his tie.

‘Tom’ looks like a successful businessman and I wonder if I could polish this look so much that my girl could fool her work into thinking she’s a man. It would probably alter her career aspirations and prospects. But for now Tom is just my slave with my horny little bitch hidden underneath.

I turn the vaginal and anal electrodes on and just put them on a very mild level. I tell him (as for all intents and purposes she is now a he> hat I won’t stand for any misbehaviour as the results will be the effects of hundreds of prickly electric sensations in the bum.

I think she – he – understands. I also give him a little electrical box to hold. It’s his ‘voice box’ and it has six differently shaped buttons to press programmed with the only things a male submissive needs to say :

Yes Mistress
How can I please you
I love you
Please have mercy
Can I come now?
And stop

I spend a lot of time with him explaining which button is what and how to distinguish them by using only touch.

I then take him downstairs in the front room and get him to kneel beside my chair. Having what outwardly appears to be a successful businessman on his knees is very erotic for me. I then leave Tom there and go upstairs for a shower.

As I let the warm water clear my head I start thinking about what I will do to my boy. After I’ve showered I put on some sexy lingerie and my favourite red dress and do my hair and makeup sexily. To every inch I look the perfect wife to my businessman husband but of course I’m not and it’s all pretend. I put on my heels and go downstairs to the man of my dreams holding the electric remote in my hand. As I enter the room I crank up the cunt electrics a little in case the little subbie girl hidden beneath has fallen asleep.

He is holding his voice box in his hand and presses the button for ‘I love you’ and the sound of the male voice expressing the sentiment of my girl sends shivers down my spine.

I go into the kitchen and make myself a cocktail and put it on the table beside my chair and beside Tom. I get the tube attachment for the gag and attach to the valve end and put the other end of the tube in the glass so that he can drink some by sucking on the gag and I put a straw in the glass for myself.

It is quite romantic sharing a Friday night drink with my girl as she moans with the electrics zapping her cunt and ass whilst looking like a sexy guy.

He presses the button for ‘how can I please you’ and so I take a collar and lead I have nearby and exchange it with Tom’s tie. I then lead him back up to bed by the lash and take off his shoes, socks and trousers and my own clothes.

I lie him on the bed and after inflating his cock to an erect and firm size I get on top and ride his cock. As I move up and down I gradually bring myself closer to orgasm and as I feel it building I also turn up the power zapping away at my girl under there. She presses her voice box and I hear Tom’s voice say can I come now and it sounds so strange a pretend guy with a fake cock that is pleasing me to need a very female orgasm. I say no.

I get off Tom’s cock and lie on the bed beside him and tell him that its now his turn to fuck me. He gingerly puts his latex cock into me and I giggle at the irony of watching a lesbian fuck like a man. However he’s surprisingly good at it and asks me again with Tom’s voice if he can come now and I say no and he asks me for mercy and I say no as I turn up the power and also inflate his cock to encourage him to go deeper and harder and he does and so I allow him to cum as I orgasm at the same time.

But as he’s not a real man he can go gain. I take the strap on and pants off him and turn the electrodes off and remove those and put the strap-on on myself.

Tom is almost back to being my girl but not quite as I flip him over and probe his anal passage with my finger wondering if the cock that is now attached to me will slide in there. Its still slick from my own cunt and so whilst it may hurt a little it will definitely go in there. I deflate the dildo a little and slowly position it into his ass he groans through his gag and his voice box asks for mercy but I have none and fuck his ass with the same energy and passion he fucked me with.

He begs me to come and eventually I let him climax again, with Tom’s ass red raw I decide to allow my girl to return. I take the strap on off and remove the hood and gag but despite the gag being removed she still uses his voice to say ‘I love you ‘ since she’s too spaced out to be ready to return to herself just yet.

14 thoughts on “TOM : boy

  1. yes very good hope more to come. we would like to buy a shock dog collar they seem to be bannad in this conutry looked on the internet

    steve & the bitch (amanda)

  2. Long time listener, first time caller…
    Loved this story and your previous ones, keep up the good work (and good luck with the wedding)

  3. thanks for all the feedback everyone, Crowley thanks for your first comment 🙂

    Steven , can get them here in the uk on ebay no problem. Much to my dismay lol.

  4. In the US you can get those collars at most sporting goods stores that stock hunting equipment. I picked one up years ago at a Bass Pro Shop. It was well priced and has some, ahem, nice features.

    I really appreciate this story. There’s tons of fiction out where feminization of males is a central theme. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen the opposite, which I love, since that’s one of my major kinks.

  5. I have a friend who bought one of those collars for her “pup” and promptly removed the unit and installed it in an item of clothing for wear further south 🙂

  6. Thanks spooky hoping to make the ideas behind a lesbian relationship with different transformations into pehaps my first full novel when I finally get round to it lol

    Kenny been there done that with the control belt where the prongs sit just a little above the clit x xx

  7. I shudder to think…… seeing that pic is bad enough… i cant imagine how uncomfortable it would be on a device designed for the male of the species…..

  8. A lovely piece of writing, I’d love to take your imaginary victim’s place for real!

    Kirsten: I bought one from eBay last year sometime – disappointing in a way (the ‘8 levels’ were all quite close together, I found, and it didn’t trigger that reliably either) but when I tied the strap round my cock and balls, it was certainly hard to miss. Unscrewing the long contacts gave tiny little metal spikes, which made the shock too intense I think (focused on a tiny bit of skin, risk of burning?)

  9. Thanks JS207 I have a few fantasy victims hehe lol

    We recently bought a new shocker not tested it yet but i’ve never found the levels on the one we previously had all that close together but its going to depend on the model and the recepient.

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