Love all

So, unsuprisingly, Andy Murray is not in today’s final of Wimbledon. Whilst this girl loves the strawberries and icecream that go with tennis she is not that interested in the sport itself but it would have been nice to see a brit in the final!

Tennis playing girls on the other hand, can be nice to watch. Not Sherapova though – too much grunting. Who remembers the iconic Athena poster though? Surely in the late seventies interest in tennis must have soared as a result!

Anyway whilst the Wimbledon finals are going on this girl is off to watch another girl – maybe wearing white – she’s off to an evening wedding do. It’s glorious weather here so it should be very nice.

Begs the question….why didn’t this girl choose a wedding date in the middle of the summer?

Oh yes….because its to fit round when the honeymoon needs to happen LOL. No seriously, this girl does like autumn weddings as well and was always what she wanted, with the different colours of leaves on the trees, it’s just a bit more of a gamble with the rain!

Anyway, this girl just remembered a shoot she did sort of around the time of Wimbledon in 2004 for Northern Spanking with the beautiful Adele Haze

enjoy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Love all

  1. You could always ball gag Maria, that might cut down on the noise at least, lol! Either that, or give her something to really grunt about of course 😉

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