C A N A D A Day

Just a quick one to wish all you Canadians out there a happy Canada Day! Especially to Mr & Mrs JG Leathers, STEFFY , Padme & Annakin and all the other canadian folks this girl and Grimly met on their last trip 🙂

This girl didn’t really realise until she looked it up that Canada has only been fully independent since 1982! Apparently it used to be called Dominion day and for a split second this girl thought that was quite funny until she realised it was Dominion not Domination LOL but she is writing this post quite late at night!

Here in the UK there aren’t really days that get celebrated as large as the Canadians have Canada Day or the Americans have Independence Day. A shame, as this girl loves fireworks and festivals 🙂 Of course it’s difficult to celebrate trying to take over the world isn’t it…..though Grimly would manage it if his plans ever get past the stroking the fluffy white cat stage lol

However this year this girl and Grimly will be in Canada for thanksgiving so that should be fun! 🙂

Anyhows here are some Canada day fireworks from a few years ago :

7 thoughts on “C A N A D A Day

  1. Hope you two will get the same reception as Will& Kate, when you arrive in Canada. A fantastic land and great people

  2. Lol thanks keith I think it will be slightly different I think it would be a scandal in the sunday mail however if they do what we are doing lol

  3. Its the press comments when they go to visit JG Leathers I want to read

  4. I definitely think the royals have their own kinks….all those stags heads and corgi’s it can’t be normal.

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