Something’s afoot

This girl and her friend Maxi went for one of those fish pedicure things at the weekend. This girl has never really liked her feet being touched all that much but it was actually a lot of fun!

Seriously to anyone who is thinking of trying one of the current phases in alternative therapies it is worth a shot! When this girl dipped her toe in the water things were a bit nervous for a moment but after the initial reaction it felt actually quite nice and just like little bubbles.

This might sound a strange thing to write about but it got this girl revisiting her thoughts on foot fetishism especially as she was having a conversation with someone about it the other day.

She has to be honest in that foot fetishism is something she doesn’t really see the attraction of personally. Her feet are one of her least favourite parts of her body, stemming back to being forced to go in those stupid machines at Clarks as a child to get the start-rite shoes! To her they aren’t the most attractive part of her body by far! Whilst she likes shoes she does not like feet!

She once had a foot fetishist play with her feet at a club. She warned him they would be icky due to being in knee boots and stockings but he said that was better! He proceeded to lick and nibble and massage. It actually did feel quite nice and sort of made this girl feel a little dominant over him but she still thinks its a bit strange. Perhaps for some people it is a very deep act of submission being able to please their dominant in this way but it’s not something this girl would ever wish to do for Grimly! Possibly its a much more male sub thing – this girl has never come across any women who like to pleasure people’s’ feet – is anyone reading this into that?

This girl has always had tickly feet as well so it is difficult for her to cope with them being touched sometimes. Grimly can be a bastard for that in tickling her when she cannot move her feet out-of-the-way!

Whilst she doesn’t really see the attraction of wanting to pleasure feet she can very much understanding the reasoning behind bastinado and wishing to inflict pain to this part of the body.

This girl has had her feet caned on a couple of occasions both with a normal cane and also once or twice with an electric one and it is one of those things that will have her screaming (if she can!) because the anticipation is as bad as the feeling itself. It is sore! There is something quite erotic about it though because it seems sort of harder and more intense than being caned on those parts of the body designed for impact and whilst this girl can sometimes almost feel like orgasming from the endorphins that come from being caned on her bum she never feels that about her feet and so from that respect it works quite well as either an interrogation or punishment practice.

OOps giving Grimly ideas again!

7 thoughts on “Something’s afoot

  1. Not something ive ever been able to understand… foot fetishism… However…. even though a good foot massage has been known to send me into paroxysms of delight ive never understood why anyone would actually WANT to go anywhere near my feet let alone derive any sort or..erm… satisfaction from it lol. Hell… my feet would probably have killed the fish stone dead lol.

    SHOES on the other hand i can completey understand lol. I was always considered a bit strange when, whilst at college and out with mates there would be the usual chorus of “”christ did you see her…???? Did you see her arse… Look at those legs….. the size of her chest….. did you see her shoes…!!!!!!” It doesnt really fit does it lol Its still the first think i notice. πŸ™‚

    The thought of birching makes me scream inside…. the thought of knowing its coming and not being able to move my foot (or any other part of my body) to avoid or prevent such a torment is enough to make me promise the earth just to avoid it….. shudder (and yet it is SUCH a delicious thought lol)


  2. Shoes as a form of bondage though…… πŸ™‚ definately a thumbs up from me lol

  3. Did it last November in Manchester, certainly seemed a bit weird, but looked fun to do, and so…enjoyed it to be quite honest, and might do so again if the chance arises.

    Foot fetishism, never understood it either, to be honest. Someone did ‘worship’ my feet, but fail to see what they got out of it

  4. What’s next? Leeches? Reflexology feels odd enough. Having fish nibble my feet just gets the inner icky going for me

  5. Kenny, you are a strange guy but i like you lol…..i really would love a monoboot – i think that would be really cool πŸ™‚ I love my ballets and pony boots!

    I think the fish are fun, I guess its not to everyones taste and a bit of a fad but it was good fun.

    Tim, hmm leeches i think i’ll leave those…though it does remind me about getting told about them by my hot history teacher when he was giving us a talk about operations in the olden days and torture lol

    on that note i’ll go to bed and have dreams about dominant looking history teachers in long black coats…maybe

  6. I was once told though I don’t know if its true, that the pain receptors in your body will eventually shut down if the pain is to great or continues. The feet are the exception in that the pain receptors will never turn off so the 20th cane stroke to the foot would feel as intense as the 1st, which is why bastinano can be such a painful experience.

    I’m not a fan of my feet, maybe since I’m a bloke i do like female feet and can find them quite sexy.

  7. there’s probably something in that as caning on the bum hurts less after a while its harder to warm up the feet too! lol

    though i’m quite happy to sit on the beach warming my feet at the moment than have someone cane them!

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