Confidence in me

This girl went to see Sound of Music a couple of weeks ago and the title of this post is one of the songs from it but sort of appropriate at the moment! The clip is a piss take by Stewie, but included here for family guy fans!

The production this girl went to see was actually very good and Jason Donovan was Captain Von Trapp. He has DEFINITELY not kept his looks as much as his neighbours costar Kylie!

Anyway, this girl has had a lot going on lately. The other week her mum and also her dad’s sister were up for a few days for the sound of music and a few days holiday. It was right on the back of the family funeral so it was all a bit strange and weird but it was good.

Last weekend Grimly and this girl went to yorkshire and got the marriage licence that is needed arranged and a bit more of the details regards the service pinned down so all of that stuff is going pretty well. In fact there isn’t really much else that needs to be done apart from the vicar putting the hymns and readings in the right order so that the order of service booklets can be worked out. This girl is hopefully going to do those herself.

There really isn’t much happening BDSM wise to tell you about. Well really nothing at all!

However, this girl went to the burlesque class again this week, that’s five weeks of the six down now and it was great. Her progress is pretty good and she has been able to build up the confidence to do things she would not have done at the start of the class and made a couple of new friends as well πŸ™‚ This week the focus was on doing a sort of strip tease and then with nipple pasties with tassels at the end. Bouncing about with tassels is certainly one way of spending a Tuesday evening!

The class has helped this girl’s confidence a lot though and burlesque is a really good way of feeling sexy. This girl’s continued weight loss is doing a lot for her confidence as well though it has sort of slowed down a bit at the moment – in a way good – since otherwise the dress might end up being too big!

All for now πŸ™‚

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