A few people in the past have asked to see step by step pictures of different layers of bondage being added well here you go. Enjoy 🙂 

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4 thoughts on “Layers

  1. THANKYOU. Stills are better than film/video for they enable the viewer to dwell on your transformation. To spend time imagining how it feels as each extra garment is fitted. Until finally your predicamant is complete, your submission entire and whole. Some of us will have to dream of this, some of us know what it is like for ourselves. We know that feeling of inevitability that surrounds the willing bondagee. That deep wordless sense of knowing this is is how it has to be, how we wish it to be.

  2. Great sequence, and what a harness set up, looks similar to JG Leathers or Gord of House of, beautifully intricate and gradually increasing the restriction.
    Thanks for your wonderful blog, insightful and illuminating, a great example of life through the eyes of someone living the lifestyle with all the highs and also the day to day problems to be surmounted.
    Best wishes to you both for the future and whatever it holds.

    Les (Masterswitch69)

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