5 Alive

Today thisgirl’s weblog is 5 years old. Johnny has actually just turned 25 but he’s still cute ! This girl had planned that this post might fall as being the 600th but it will need to cope with being 595.

Thank you readers for sticking by this girl despite what is being a bit of an odd year. It really is very much appreciated and helps to keep this girl motivated in having the effort to keep finding something to write about.

The next couple of months are going to be weirder as the wedding gets ever closer. Having to fit round wedding organizing has ended up mucking up plans for a kinky weekend this month but sometimes things have to take different priority.

Hopefully at the end of this month Grimly should get the news he needs to know whether he can move down here at the end of the year so please keep your fingers crossed, married life is going to be a bit awkward if it doesn’t go to plan! Also getting that news should tie in with seeing kinky friends and going to a fetish club (the first time in several years LOL) so that should be interesting.

July and August should be a bit more relaxed as this girl is planning on spending a few extra days with Grimly in July and visiting Captive Kink and trinity pup in August and then September, well, something important is supposed to be happening then….can’t think what 😉

Oh yes…that’s right…Folsom Street 😉

6 thoughts on “5 Alive

  1. Thanking us all for sticking with you ? ….blimey, this is the best bondage blog ever !!
    Keep up the good work young Lady… we pervs need you 🙂

    Oh and watch out for that Captive Kink fella…perhaps you need an escort if you go down there 😉

  2. Thanks KC, I dont’ require an escort since Grimly knows where Richy lives LOL, besides he’s a pussycat, whereas you on the other hand are an unknown quantity! xx

  3. You’ll have to do the public tour of the Kink.com building (“The Armory”) while in S.F. I regret that it wasn’t there a few years back when I was in S.F. for a conference. Best my wife and I could manage was an evening at a BDSM-themed night club. Also check out Mr S Leather.

    And….definitely (a) ride a cable car, (b) visit Coit Tower and (c) make a day trip to Napa Valley and tour some wineries while in the Bay Area…all do-not-miss attractions, despite their basic non-kinkiness.

    And-and, congrats on the 5 year anniversary of your blog. My vanilla blog is sneaking up on it’s 4th birthday, and my literally dozen of readers couldn’t be more thrilled. Well, not thrilled enough to leave comments or sign up to “follow” the blog, or link to it from other sites, but thrilled none the less.

  4. Congrats on your 5th blogaversary! That’s some achievement – so many bloggers have come and gone – so it’s great to have a stable fellow blogger! Not forgetting what a great pony you make!

    t. x

  5. thanks Ollie 🙂 We have a lot planned for the honeymoon, i may need another holiday after it lol.

    Hi t, yep i’m here for good just not regularly lol

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