Bells and whistles

Some of you may have read Grimly’s post on fetlife, shown two posts below. Whilst this girl shares his view about rope she’s perhaps not as blunt and to the point as he is!

This girl has never personally seen the attraction of rope since she’s perhaps slightly more interested in what happens to her when she’s in bondage and how it feels than the process of getting her into bondage being drawn out for its own sake. There are times when the process of  being put into bondage is extended by Grimly as he adds one thing and then another and then another but that’s different in so much as it’s all different things and different elements that combined together make things interesting. It’s not just one thing.

This girl hasn’t really tried rope all that much but it is not something she is interested in really experimenting with since it doesn’t really fit round what she has with Grimly. There are the odd ties that she sees that she is envious of involving pretty girls tied in suspension from trees or from disused buildings and so on, but it makes her wonder how much time is spent rigging and getting it right to avoid discomfort and how much of the time is left to enjoy it?

The clip below from Entrapment starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones is one instance of where this girl finds rope (well yarn?) sensual. There is something about this scene (perhaps it’s her rather hot ass? 😉 ) that is erotic and sort of slightly D/s.  For those that don’t know the film she is practising manoeuvering round lasers using bells as alarms whilst her fellow thief and conspirator watches and realizes that he’s attracted to her.

In general this girl likes all the bells and whistles that are attached to being with Grimly. Quite often not all of them are needed, sometimes it’s excessive, sometimes its going further than it needs to go. However that all makes life interesting. She never gets bored whilst he’s setting up a session, because she never really is 100% sure what direction it is going to take or what might happen next.

This girl can’t really fully explain why she likes bondage overkill as opposed to keeping it simple. Perhaps it’s just because it makes the experience more interesting ,more challenging and his way of doing things kind of aids her headspace and fits her kink. Possibly nothing more complex than that.

4 thoughts on “Bells and whistles

  1. thanks, i think it does have a slight D/s feel to it but then I have a thing for sexy scots lol.

    I’m glad someone saw where I was coming from , unlike Grimly who said ‘you just posted that because you like her ass’


    i’m not denying that its very nice!

  2. Definately of the mind that more is better. More More MORE…!!!!! And im not sure such a thing as overkill actually exists. 🙂

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