Get Knotted

Grimly wrote this thread on fetlife, this girl thought she  would share his rant with you too!  

“I hate rope bondage with a passion! I can’t abide it in any shape or form, to me it looks cheap and nasty, all that artistic macramé shit just leaves me wondering where the pot plant is going to go. I also find that people seriously into ”shitbari” or however it is you spell it are amongst the most boring people I have ever met. I once watched a demo done by someone who is reputed to be an expert and I will agree that what she did was pretty, but she was one of these women who just cant use two or three words when a couple of thousand will easily do! Every twist bend and knot was given its Japanese name and described in excruciating detail, time stood still and my will to live slowly ebbed away. In the time it took her to tie those bloody knots and adjust everything I would have had my girl strapped and chained down and well into screaming out her third orgasm. Rope is just too low tech for me, leather and chain is my preferred way of doing things.”

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8 thoughts on “Get Knotted

  1. I know exactly what he means! Give me Grimly’s wonderful techy style anytime over all that

  2. There’s a place for “some” rope bondage, provided that it is bondage. I’ve seen some pretty brutal ties done on girls that they wouldn’t get out of in a million years. I have to agree with Grimly though when it comes to the arty farty type shibari etc. I can see no point in draping a whole load of rope over a girl and then not even tie her bloody hands together.

    Give me a couple of straps or an armbinder any day.

  3. Grimly is just a pervert, corrupting the poor little This Girl 🙂

    Thern again, I have been trussing up the wench in our house for many a fine year…and I don’t think you’ll ever see her in tacky rope bondage…gimme leather/latex/steel anytime…I’d hate the poor woman to fall asleep on my due to boredom….not only that, when the dirty deed has been done in her, takes ages unwinding all that rope !!!
    Keep ’em hooded and shackled….good on you Grimly That Richy fella doesn’t know much about fetish bondage btw 😉

  4. KC you are right “That Richy fella doesn’t know much about fetish bondage ” and he proved that by saying “There’s a place for “some” rope bondage,” There is never a place for rope bondage! Its naff, boring, looks shit and is only used by amateurs! 😉

  5. We can’t rope you into the conversation girl? I thought not!. No strings attached to you either! Although I’m sure Grimly can spin a good yarn. You both might not be into Shabari but as your post between the two rope ones states, your focus IS on tying the knot!

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