Breathing space

As some of you have maybe noticed it’s getting very difficult lately for this girl to find time to relax at the moment or to find much time for kink. It’s slipping in here and there however and hopefully over the next few days things will be a lot more relaxed than they have been over the last two weeks.

The pictures in this post were taken maybe two or three weeks ago but it seems a lot longer! It seems like a lifetime ago, since so much has happened just lately!

In these pictures this girl is wearing a zentai, open face latex hood and gas mask. She is strapped down to a kneeling stand Grimly made which has attachments at the neck and feet. The gas mask has hoses coming from it which he has rigged to the suspension bar to keep them out-of-the-way, and obviously the stand comes with a built-in entertainment centre 😉 i.e.  a holder for a vibrator. But to avoid life from being boring Grimly has also ensured this girl is zapped by the ET312 as well and made sure that she can’t do anything to stop him.

Being attached to the kneeling stand is not the most comfortable of bondage positions but this girl soon forgot that as Grimly teased and tormented her. Quite often during play this girl can’t really see or work out for sure what he is doing but from this angle she could see everything. Including every turn of the knobs on the electric box. That is, until the goggles of the gas mask started steaming up!

You might think such a thing may be daunting but there is something about gas masks helps this girl relax into a scene very easily though. Perhaps it is the sound of her own breathing or the feeling of being in her own little zone, but there is something quite hypnotic about it.

Breathing through a mask becomes more difficult as stimuli is added that arouses the body. Everything gets quite warm and tingly and the breathing gets harder as each breath seems to have further to go. There are times when Grimly tries to scare her a little by making it even harder by reducing the supply of air and making  her fight a little  for it, and so it can lead to an almost overwhelming feeling.

This girl couldn’t go with that if she didn’t have every faith in his ability to react to her body in the right way. Her head would not be able to go with it, she would fight and fret instead of relaxing and flying into it.

Ultimately it feels good for this girl to experience that at his hands. It is a bit like being on a rollercoaster or driving a sports car or jumping out of a plane (yet to try that but allegedly!) and the adrenaline and endorphins going round her body take some of the edge of any fear or anxiety that might be in her head. Of course it can still be slightly white knuckle at times, knowing that she can’t do much to change what he chooses for her to experience.  She tries her best sometimes to hold back wanting to orgasm, but he knows that and intensifies it more, sometimes adding poppers which with a gas mask she has no choice but to inhale leaving that rush in her head and through her body to be even bigger.

Sometimes that is exactly the feeling she needs to feel as though she is almost flying around somewhere else and spinning into orgasm despite the bondage keeping her fixed to the ground.

Bondage is strange really in that way whilst it quite often traps and restrains the body it can help really free and relax the mind and be escapism from everything else that might be going on.

7 thoughts on “Breathing space

  1. Looks a fantastic set up, though my knees certainly wouldnt be able to get into that position now, at my age!
    But bryond that, very nice indeed

  2. He did it again, the helplessness and ability to give you a great ride is great. You are a very lucky lady! I love your articles, keep them coming!

  3. So….. one could argue, that what you endure and experience, is close (in results if not in method) to religious practices of the past and indeed to some extant that still exist to this day …. 🙂 the use of physical discomfort/stress to induce a state of mental and emotional euphoria. In fact isnt that the official definition of ecstasy?

    Ill shut up now lol

  4. i’m not sure i feel comfortable comparing it to anything religious, but yes there are similarities 🙂

  5. i fully understand how you feel. to be encased head to toe in rubber and gasmasked then fed poppers with no control of how much and when is incredibly sexy and produces huge orgasms. I would love to replace poppers with nitrous and be held close to unconscious but totally turned on. What is it about gasmasks that are such a turn on??!! When I dress in my total encasing rubber suit then add a hood and fianlly a gasmask it is as though I have entered another world.

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