For better or worse

Yep. It’s been once hell of a stressful 7 days! From bad news at work, to family stress right down to stupid little niggily things, but it was a very good weekend!

At the weekend this girl and Grimly finally got to Le Prevo in Newcastle to buy leather since Grimly ran out some time ago, so hopefully this will mean he starts making a few bits and pieces again including possibly something in white leather for the wedding – well – honeymoon! This girl also discovered there’s a full street in Newcastle dedicated to everything motorcycle – unsure if that interests anyone but if so its worth a nose – can’t remember the name however!

Grimly also finally met this girl’s bridesmaid who is TOTALLY vanilla, you seriously could not get more straight, and that went pretty well. That is to say everyone survived the experience πŸ˜‰

Wedding wise it was quite a productive weekend. This girl and Grimly visited the vicar and started going through the service and much of the music is picked just a few of the finer details there to sort but this girl is going to try to have that all finalised by the end of this month or at least pass everything on to the vicar so that he can fit it all together πŸ™‚

She was quite relieved when the service wording was read out and discussed that the obey wasn’t mentioned! Β As much as she wishes to obey him in many respects she’d rather keep that aspect of her personality private and not admit to it in church! Oh and there is the whole aspect of making a promise in church she wouldn’t be able to guarantee – since the brat does still like to leap out sometimes. Grimly reckons married life and living here will deal with that….certainly she’ll get away with less!

This girl also had a hair and make-up trial and went to the dress shop for her fitting all done up, so she has a pretty good idea now how she will look on the wedding day. It was really difficult not to cry and muck up the false eyelashes given it would have been her gran’s birthday – but it felt right doing it that day.

It really does feel like everything is coming together but at the same time the amount of minutes and hours and days available for things is slipping away at a rate of knots. This girl pretty much knows what she is doing every day for the forseeable future. In a way that’s reassuring, but in another its sort of oh crap what about ****** and it’s getting a bit difficult to keep up to date on the internet and things as much due to mainly the amount of traveling she’s doing. It was good though having about 5 days with Grimly with no kink and just family and friends and wedding stuff it was pretty special. Despite his new found hobby – more to be revealed on that at some other point πŸ˜‰

It was the burlesque class again last night and that went quite well and is progressing nicely. This week mostly focussed on taking off gloves and stockings and such like but there was possibly too much hilarity for it to be that sexy. So, perhaps a bit of practice needed there!

11 thoughts on “For better or worse

  1. OMG I love the Dalek image! Thankfully the stress of my big day ends Saturday. These last few days are really hard. Really, really hard.

  2. Luna i shall definitely be thinking of you both can’t wait to see your pics am sure you will look absolutely gorgeous!

    I think i’m possibly more nervous about the honeymoon than the wedding since i get to spend it around more than just one madman….lol

    Good luck hope it all goes well *hugs* xx

  3. My wife and I developed a mantra that we said everytime the wedding issues came to a head ( like getting people to agree on seating arrangements. Those arguments ceased after we said our parents had 5 minutes to finalize who couldn’t sit with whom. If not we seriously threatened to sit everyone in alphabet order). So when it all looks darkest ( and you are not hooded) just keep repeating. I want to BE married. I just don’t want to GET married.

  4. I definitely like the dalek image too, cant think why lol!

    Good luck with everything else planning wise btw

  5. Grimly has a new hobby, got to be a train set or motorcycles ! Visited that bikers road in Newcastle when I dropped a friend off for a Newcastle FC game…I was in heaven.
    Keep up the blog…best read coming through on my Yahoo mail πŸ™‚

  6. I was married last summer – things are crazy and insane right before the wedding but it will pass! Just remember to breath once in a while πŸ™‚

  7. Tim, i’m letting Grimly decide on the seating arrangements and that’s that. I think he’ll do it well. I kind of want to get married as much as i want to be married I think, it should be a good day its just the running about that is stressing me out its hard with the wedding venue and the fiance being several hundred miles away from me in different directions!

    Thanks Stevie & KC. Keira, can’t breathe my nose is broke 😦 i hate hayfever! Hope your first year of married life has been good πŸ™‚

    Thanks guys for the comments πŸ™‚ xx

  8. If there’s ever a time in a woman’s life when it pays to be a masochist, it’s during the days and weeks leading up to her wedding. The innate social pressure for the bride to make sure that absolutely everything is perfect and that everyone is deliriously happy — despite their wildly varying expectatations — is utterly insane.

    It probably doesn’t help that you’re having your wedding on the heels of William and Her Royal Hotness’s big day either πŸ™‚

    (Any word on whether or not Pippa has a thing for kinky, middle-aged Americans? If that’s the case, be sure to pass along my email)

    So…glad to hear you managed some fun time with family, friends and your man during the madness.

    As for the big day, my advice is not to sweat any of the small stuff. There will be hiccups in the plan; that’s inevitable. Make sure that you have fun and 20 years from now you remember the important stuff like marrying the man you love and not the fact that for some reason there weren’t enougn napkins or something trivial like that.

    To summarize: relax, breathe, keep your eye on the prize and at some point at the reception, SLAM back a flute of champagne and utter enigmatically “That one was for Ollie.”.

    Admittedly that last part is optional, but it’s still highly recommended.

  9. Thanks Ollie, in some ways I was jealous of William and Kate since they had ‘no expense spared’ (especially the taxpayers lol) but I think having something *so* big and impersonal would be overwhelming. I couldn’t do it. Our wedding is actually very small and very traditional and we hope our guests will be okay with that.

    Hmm i wouldn’t mind Pippa either….lol

    Will certainly take your advice πŸ™‚ xx

  10. lol yes a friend had already sent me that link before. some folk seem to have a fetish for brides in bondage – both my friends Captive Kink & Monkey twizzle have done various bondage photo shoots with wedding dresses in the past (though the latter involve fake blood as well LOL)

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