Life is a cabaret old chum!

From this girl’s last post you might have picked up that things are a bit stressed at the moment! Understatement

At the weekend, to cheer her up, Grimly encouraged this girl to get dressed up burlesque style and after the bad news on  saturday morning it was what she needed. To do something that made her feel sexy and erotic without any sort of intervention that might potentially mess with her emotional balance was just the right medicine. At that point actual play would have just been too much. 

Here are the pictures – hope you like them! Oh and yes in the first few that is a chastity belt UNDER vintage lingerie 😉

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The other reason why Grimly wanted this girl to dress up in burlesque style vintage underwear was that he had encouraged her to sign up for a six week burlesque dance and fitness class that started yesterday.

The class was a lot of fun, and hopefully should teach this girl a few things to get Grimly hot under his collar 😉 But its a lot about working with what you’ve got. This girl is gradually getting more comfortable with what she’s got as she’s got a stone less of it compared to January!  Anyway, this girl will keep you updated as to how the class goes! It is gradually going to get more risque week on week! Eeeek. It does feel  very much an act though , a chance perhaps to let the exhibitionist out. There is one…somewhere. Behind the shy exterior!

Life is most definitely a cabaret though. This has been a week from hell. In addition to the bad family news, this girl also had bad work news as well. To cut a long story short a big element of her working conditions are going to change to her detriment (if it goes to her employers’ plan) but she is appealing it. So….more stress. The atmosphere at work (as the proposed changes effect everyone) is dior. But, in this climate a job is a job. Her employers seem to have forgotten the importance of having a life that does not involve around work. After the wedding it may well be time for a career change.

But, as this girl’s gran would say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It would have been her birthday on Saturday 😦

So yes, a very emotional week, but with a little sexy escapism and fun!

Well we all need that!

8 thoughts on “Life is a cabaret old chum!

  1. Congratulations are in order for the weight loss. I can sympathize with the job, too. All of us working slobs can’t just walk away from our jobs right now and the suits know it, so they’re going to squeeze as much out as they can.

    I hope you’ll post how the class goes. There’s a similar program being run by the wife of the owner of the MMA gym here in town. My husband has been suggesting I go, but I don’t think his motivation is my health. 😉

  2. Was thinking you looked a bit more like Roxy Hart in Chicago, especially with your incarceration braclets. Wishing you were only a stone’s throw away 😉

  3. HI, i am asking if you can help me & my wife we want to buy a head box or a box so we can be locked in for some time. can you tell were we can these from any idears please

    steve & mandy

    bye the way we love this site

  4. You are looking stunning no dout about that.A loss is a very hard thingto handel as for your job it may be a blessing. Have you got the unions on your side? Keep thinking there are always better days ahead!! Keep smiling cause worry only makes you fell bad. All the best Keith.
    PSI have heard there is a shortich of white roses for your wedding, well have to settel for good old red

  5. thanks for all the comments everyone, i’m going to ignore the roses comment!

    steven – this place would appear to sell head boxes though i’ve never used them so i can’t comment. Alternative mindsets has one made by someone here in scotland though i dont know if he still makes stuff for sale or not and i seem to think you’re in the US anyway??

    Thanks again for all the great feedback! 🙂

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