Relatively emotional

* sorry this post isn’t about bdsm so if you wish skip on…

One of this girl’s aunts passed away at the weekend. This girl wasn’t particularly close to her since that side of the family has been estranged for years due to stuff that happened many decades ago, but lately it was all coming back together and this girl had hoped that side of the family would be at the wedding. Together.

She’s mostly upset for the members of her family who were close to her aunt, like her dad and her dad’s other sister but also because there will be a noticeable absence at the wedding. This girl is already upset that she can’t have her gran at her wedding and so it just feels like someone else that should be there that isn’t.

Grimly quite rightly said that the most important thing is to make it special for those that are there and to also ensure those that aren’t are remembered.

He is often better at saying the right thing at a time like this when the right words make all the difference. Sometimes its difficult to know what to say when everyone has different ways of dealing with it. Normally this girl is quite good with words but when its something that emotes so much feeling and emotion its really difficult.

Certainly it makes BDSM feel very unimportant and writing about it even less so, but this is the thing, life and family gets in the way and it would be a sad state of affairs if those things didn’t take priority.

10 thoughts on “Relatively emotional

  1. Our condolences and love to you and your family. An important family event can be very bittersweet when thoughts turn to loved ones not there to join in the celebrations, but as Grimly wisely said, take the opportunity to remember them fondly on your big day. xx

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your loss…losing family is never easy, especially with an occasion like a wedding in the future. I’m not sure what your beliefs religiously are, but I believe that your family, physically here or not, will still be at your wedding and with you always =) Keep them in your thoughts and they’re always there.

  3. We shall be thinking of you. Rights of passage are not just formality. They do reach inside us. So far this year we’ve had one aunts funeral, there’s been one wedding. Another on the mantlepiece and a baptism to plan. That you write about these things makes this blog so well rounded.

  4. I had a weekend where a good friend was set to do a guest spot in a theater production I was doing while his mother in law and his god daughter were both rushed to the hospital for brainswelling. He did what he needed to do to have “the show go on” then went to the hospitals to visit. His son was graduating with honors the next day from College. I know from his facebook posts, that despite the bad side of it all, they made Gene’s graduation day special. Ironically, they had some experience with this since his mother in law went into the hopital originally after a stroke the same day their daughter graduated high school.

    Life goes on, and it is a difficult balance between happiness and grief. Your wedding is special, even if the groom has a funny hat ( which I personally like!). And what makes you special and has us regulars checking here daily is that Spit happens, and you share what makes you two an aspiration for many, as well as what we all go through when the real world gets in the way, so eloquently

  5. thank you all for the lovely comments and support not really much i could add other than that you are all very much appreciated 🙂

  6. First of all, and I am a bit late saying this, but so sorry for your loss.
    Second, Grimly words are spot on! It is yours and his special day and make it the day that you will remember and also be remembered by those that do come to your special day.
    Finally, a comment of your preface ” sorry this post isn’t about bdsm so if you wish skip on”. I for one consider these parts/notes on your life or the others that i read about to be special. It lets us into more of the you. Yeah, the bdsm is nice to read but, these little bits are as life. Life is not all bdsm.
    Again, sorry for your loss.
    Take care

  7. Sorry for your loss. My sympathies.
    You didn’t need to say “sorry this post isn’t about bdsm so if you wish skip on…” Cheers to elliot above, he is right.
    Thanks for sharing, this is life.

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