The right contacts

This girl has been curious about all sorts of body modification for a long time both temporary and permanent. A lot of erotic stories she has read feature girls having their appearance permanently modified and things such as body piercing and the like going on.

This girl herself doesn’t have too many modifications to her body at the moment. Just really pierced ears and two tattoos on her lower back. Not a lot really in comparison to most of those stories!  She did used to have her nipples pierced yet that didn’t work out due to yucky healing difficulties.

Masks and outfits and things like that can also help alter the appearance at least on a temporary basis and are a big part of the overall BDSM experience and game for want of a better word.  For a while this girl has been interested in playing about with contact lenses to see how that would look and how they would alter her appearance.

To be honest it has taken her a long time to build up the courage. This girl has always had problems with her left eye in that it is a very bad lazy eye to the point where her sight in it is much reduced to that in her right. She wouldn’t be able to read or anything with just her left eye and struggles with binoculars and the old style 3d glasses as nothing matches up! During the eighties she had an operation to try to correct it and also countless visits to the eye hospital playing with those stupid machines where you have to get the lion in the cage and things like that. It never really improved anything. For that reason, this girl has always been a bit worried about putting anything in or close to her eyes. The loss of sight terrifies her more than the thought of any other type of disability. Well, apart from the idea of losing her mind but perhaps that’s already a long way gone! 😉

Anyway, this girl took the bull by the horns and bought some lenses. They are black and from a company called Beautifeye if anyone is interested in knowing where they came from. There are plenty of other sites that do different contact  lens effects but this is just one this girl came across and the service was very good. They came very quickly and with the cleaning solution and case included along with instructions.


There is most definitely a knack to it, but this girl was determined and managed it eventually. It felt very strange since she had never worn contacts at all before and reduced her vision dramatically to the point where it was worse than the normal sight of her bad eye and sort of a cross between what it must feel like to have extremely bad vision and the feeling she has after a really good play session where she is totally wasted. Everything was blurry and somethings were difficult to make out at all. It had the effect of almost making her feel a bit stoned and lost but quite erotic all the same.

Anyhow as you can imagine the experience didn’t stop there! Grimly proceeded to strap her down to the medical bed and added further facial bondage thanks to the nose and mouth hooks which were  fastened down tightly.

It felt a very effective type of bondage. Her face felt almost petrified, since she couldn’t move at all and everything was blurred and hazy. She could make out only the outline of a sinister man doing despicable things to her body! In a way it felt a bit like being in a horror movie sort of being turned into some sort of doll or creature or creation, sort of slowly slipping away somewhere else. In a way it was much more effective than a blindfold or a hood since she could see but her vision was reduced so tremendously that everything was trippy and a bit unreal. Her eyes watered a lot and she couldn’t do anything to prevent the tears running down her face due to her body and hands being fully strapped down as well. She couldn’t scream or talk either so it may as well have been as though she was totally frozen in her predicament…unable to stop anything that he might want to do.

12 thoughts on “The right contacts

  1. were is this shop or site i am partly sighted and like to have pair of these contact lens seen a bdsm girl them on she looked so sexy and helpsess to do ant thing.

  2. the link is in the post its a uk based seller though there will be the equivalent in other countries too.

    In case its not clear what i should have said as well is these contacts don’t improve vision they are just really for the visual ‘effect’ as in cosmetically. The feeling of it is going to vary based on the individual of course.

  3. these are worth trying given the cost is quite low. Though their main purpose is fashion rather than actually doing anything to the eye, i think any side effect they have is going to be dependent on how the wearer takes to it. It’s definitely worth trying though for me the side effects were very quite funky as per what i’ve written above and very trippy. I’d like to try the cats eyes i think!

  4. I’ve always liked the concept of placing a sub in contact lenses thar are made of a remotely controlled, adjustable LCD film that can be made clear or completely opaque in an instant, paired with in-the-ear hearing aids that can allow normal sound in or block it out entirely with white noise and only allow the controller’s voice through. This could be a very discrete (but effective) means of controlling one’s slave in a vanilla setting! I’m not sure the technology exists quite yet, but the idea is tantalizing.

  5. Thought you might have gone for the silver grey, or cyborg ones lol

  6. I know you’ve written several times about your bad experience with pierced nipples, but I might offer you the concept that one “yucky” healing experience might not necessarily mean that a second endeavor wouldn’t be a much more positive experience. You have a loving and educated master now and the end result might be much different. I realize, however, that my passion for metal isn’t everybody’s. Nice plugs in your ears, though.

    As for the contact lenses, I’m impressed by your willingness to experiment, despite your eye worries. I guess that’s what makes you such an exceptional sub. For your next experiment, you should get a pair of totally opaque lenses that will block out everything. Imagine what an intimate dinner might be like if you were totally sightless? They can be so subtle that only you and Grimly would ever know.

    You two are an inspiration. Thanks for continuing to share your amazing life.

  7. Why not wear these contacts for your wedding?
    It would be a way of bringing a tiny kink to the
    ceremony and give you an excuse to cling tightly
    to your husband.
    All the best when the big day arrives.

  8. Ollie, i like that idea too i cant remember what film it is (maybe mission impossible or something like that or salt??) where they had contacts that could see information like looking at a computer or image beamed in. Perhaps someone can let me know what one i mean.

    Stevie lou, i reckon i will experiment with more though perhaps just now i don’ know why it is but i have a very bloodshot eye just now and i don’t know whether its a delayed reaction to that so going to have be careful with it i think.

    Thank you so much for your comment Dan, whilst i was with my ex i had my nipples done twice and it didn’t work either time. as a result i have quite a bit of scar tissue and it took me a long time to be able to cope with nipple torture again and i still don’t really like it much as it can make me really fuzzy feeling in some bondage positions more than others. I think Grimly is more into getting me to get my septum done but i’m not sure i would like that it would freak my folks out i think, the hook from axsmar is enough for me for now! i’d like to get some more of those to use as clamps but so many other things on my list too!

    I’d like the opaque lenses too but they are around £100+ so i want to use cheaper ones a few more times first to get used to stuff in my eyes before i splash out that much.

    housebound, i guess i want to just look like a more prettier version of me on the wedding but with my natural brown eyes what happens on the honeymoon will be un-natural enough!

    thanks for all the comments

  9. Hi:

    I love the idea of my Dom using opaque lenses as well as white noise hearing aids on me. Can anyone tell me where to buy opaque lenses? Any thoughts on white noise hearing aids? Thanks – Courtney

  10. Hi had post on 15/09/2011 reading it seen a pice about white noisy i like to get some cd’s of white nosy where can i get them from please if you help
    thank you


  11. I am very interested in the concept of restricted vision, is that what these contacts offer in that they nock your sight our of focus? i could imagine these being a wonderful slave maid control device especailly if the sub in question was unable to remove them

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