Mind over matter

Sometimes trying to explain what something feels like is very difficult.

Sometimes people ask what the brainwashing mask is like, or what electrics is like and it’s really hard to explain it in anything other than a very rambling and very subjective way in the same way as trying to explain what a strawberry is to someone that might not have eaten one. It’s hard.

This girl likes the type of play that is so intense and involved that it can take away all thoughts of everything else other than the here and now. The type of play where Grimly is totally inside her head because her body and especially her erotic nerve endings are all at his mercy. How can you explain what it feels like? To be lying there, bound and vulnerable and tormented by someone “just pressing a few buttons”? Its hard too sometimes to totally articulate why that works so well for this girl other than to say it just does.

In the picture shown this girl has electrodes inserted and is bound in a sleepsack and strapped to the medical bed. She is also wearing a studio gum hood with the blindfold and gag attachments and Grimly is playing both white noise and his own voice through the headphones.

The aspect of sensory deprivation is quite easy to explain a hood or blindfold in this girl’s experience can instantly transport her somewhere else. The darkness of it seems to concentrate her mind on what is happening and not other things such as what evil thing he might be bringing towards her. In some ways the anticipation is less because she can’t see what is coming but in other ways it is more because sometimes a million and one possibilities will go through her head.

The bondage and inability to move very much expands on that darkness like paint on a blank canvas since it reminds this girl that what happens next is completely at grimly`s discretion and so she may as well takes what comes and erase everything else. She has a rough idea what might happen but can rest assured that he will push her close to her pain barriers and towards the intense rush she craves without going crashing too far over the edge. He is as good at controlling himself as he is at controlling her. Perhaps that is one of the advantages of the man who loves her the most and the man who wants to hurt her the most being one in the same!

Being bound and being shut off from everything then leaves her at his mercy she cannot change any of it. She tries. She tries to wriggle and tries to hope that her body language communicates correctly to him what she needs and what she dreads. Unfortunately the conflict of a masochist sometimes blurs those two things into being all a bit jumbled!

Physically being in that predicament having all of her senses controlled is very intense since he controls what she sees,hears,smells, tastes and feels. If she is going to be controlled then there are times she wants everything controlled with sadistic and twisted reminders of the fact. This girl likes to maintain her individuality and stubborn self expression most other times so to have every part of the experience controlled by her master is quite the reminder not only of why she is with him but that he is without a doubt her undisputed owner.

Sometimes when this girl is far into her head space it can start feeling a bit unreal as though its not her its happening to or as though its a dream. Sometimes it would be nice to stay in that dream place enjoying an explosion of sensations and being on that moment of the brink of orgasm for as long as possible. Of course with any bdsm at some point the body will say that’s it -enough – for now!

It is very much an addiction , the desire to achieve that spinning orgasmic and blisfully controlled space where her head is processing a million and one sensations inflicted by him. Sometines there is a need to keep wanting more and new and bigger sensations bigger thrills more bells and whistles.

The aesthetics and physical appearance of it all is good but essentially what goes on in the head is all very similar and a feeling much along the lines of “wow he’s got me again” and it is as though each time deepens the addiction. Let’s hope he never gets bored of being her provider of pain and pleasure!

3 thoughts on “Mind over matter

  1. For something you think is difficult to put into words, you just did an amazing job of articulating it!

  2. Lucky you, great pic.

    Think you only need to worry when he wants to insert the electrodes into your mind as well, lol!

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