Still here?

Bondage usually has one of a couple of purposes. Sometimes it is just used by folk as it’s aesthetically erotic. Other times its used to restrict someone and leave them vulnerable. Sometimes though Grimly likes it just to stop this girl moving around.

This girl has mentioned before that she quite likes scenarios and equipment that are based on the medieval. A lot of medieval tortures were designed to maim and to cause the maximum amount of pain imaginable in the most devious and elaborate way imaginable. Others as long term psychological torment combined with physical discomfort. Well the scavengers daughter is an example of the latter!

Grimly made it a while ago when he first got the welder, a simple triangle of steel locking the neck, wrists and ankles into position. It is 100% rigid and it is impossible to move. To begin with it doesn’t hurt, after all, it’s just sitting down in bondage right?

But after a while the pins and needles sets in, cramp, and it becomes uncomfortable, leaving this girl to wonder how long it will before he releases her from it. Luckily on this occasion, the latex kept her body mostly out of harm’s reach, but the scavenger leaves a naked occupant extremely vulnerable since no sadistic intervention can be prevented.

Despite in this case the lack of physical stimulation this girl got rather spacy just being left, unable to move, exactly as he wanted her.

Simple but evil 😉

9 thoughts on “Still here?

  1. Like you I enjoy bondage that’s restrictive to. I’m also into medieval devices. Not so much the torture but like you said the restrictiveness of it.
    How long did you have to stay in there???

    Hope you had a fun time in there 🙂

    ~Jess XX~

  2. thanks tp, don’t get ideas though you are going to be the vulnerable one 😉

    Jess, i’m not really sure how long it was it felt like a good chunk of the afternoon!

  3. I think that often the most insidious torment provided by a bondage device like the scavenger’s daughter is that they’re so effective in preventing their captive from generating any form of physical sexual stimulatio, let alone an actual orgasm. That can make time slow to a standstill long before physical fatique even begins to be a factor.

  4. Ollie, i just wish time would actually come to a standsill sometimes it goes way too fast, the time at work goes so much more slowly than the time being kinky why is that?

    Richy, i am sure tp will welcome the opportunity to try it out. muahahaha

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