The odd couple

Luna has just put up a great post on submissive guide, entitled ‘but my partner is vanilla’ its worth checking out! However, you know, sometimes you can get a partner who is kinky just not kinky in the same way. Finding  compatibility is very difficult and sometimes you just need to compromise and adapt and alter together and work at it. It’s not perfect right away.

This girl feels quite lucky in that when she met Grimly she wasn’t even wanting a boyfriend. Or a Master for that matter. She just wanted a bit of fun. If she had wanted something more serious she might have discounted him as being too old, or too far away or just plain too weird! It was her physical needs and erotic fantasies that drove her (a couple of hundred miles) to him.

This girl is not sure how much of her compatibility with him was there when she met him and how much of it  has sort of grown afterwards. Does she have a similar outlook to him because she always has had or has she sort of become a sort of female version of him ? Perhaps its a bit of both. Probably to begin with the main things she had in common with Grimly was a sense of adventure, wanting fun, and not wanting anything serious. As a result they both had that much fun and adventure it became serious despite trying so hard for it not to be! It’s maybe more than luck that everything he’s done to her she’s enjoyed, even if she’s begged and screamed and wanted to kill him at the time!

Some peoples’ relationships seem to be all BDSM. This girl’s one isn’t. If it had been it would not have lasted over 6 years and it still feels like no time at all and also like forever lol. She couldn’t imagine being without him. There are times when she sort of thinks temporarily about other men. But only temporarily, since even Brad Pitt couldn’t build a fuck machine out of a triumph windscreen wiper motor and this girl is currently waiting with anticipation as to what Grimly is going to do with his mum’s old kenwood mixer motor lol. Sometimes  a younger, richer man would be fun but then it wouldn’t be the same. Life would be boring if we all fell for the conventional prince charming.  Nope this one man is enough.

A man with more money would probably enable to buy more of the things she covets at the moment (and there is a long list!) but it is far better to be able to answer ‘where did you get that’ with ‘Grimly made it’ than it is with ‘oh Master bought it for me from ***************** Anyone can buy stuff, it takes a bit of talent and a lot of time and love to make it. This girl is still wanting to learn to make things too but that’s sort of on a back burner for the moment till after the wedding.

It’s been really nice lately since this girl has had a lot of comments wishing her and Grimly the best for that, probably also because a lot of the kinky people just want to see what goes on afterwards lol. Some vanilla people still think it’s a weird relationship. Certainly this girl’s work don’t get it, given they’re all mid twenties and mostly have boyfriends and kids. This girl chose Grimly because she didn’t want the same sort of life as everyone else has. She wants life to be a bit different and a bit more spontaneous than doing necessarily ‘what is expected’. Perhaps this girl and Grimly are a bit of an odd couple in that he wants to hurt her so much and yet not at all and likewise she’d sometimes like to see his head on a silver platter but if anyone else dared to threaten him they’d be toast.

Sometimes other people’s relationships strike her as odd. This girl’s boss doesn’t allow her husband to pick his own clothes and throws out anything of his that she doesn’t like (and no her boss isn’t a domme she’ just a bitch!) and she also works besides people’s whose boyfriends sound like they have the mentality of a six-year-old.

Nope she’d rather stick with what she’s got. Being happy is not that odd at all and she has someone who she can share stuff with other than kink, and at least when he marries her he will never say ‘my wife doesn’t understand me!’

9 thoughts on “The odd couple

  1. The most important thing in all relationships is getting on well with each other, and alright, for non asexual people like me, people who enjoy loving each other in all senses of the word.
    You two definitely fit that criteria from what I know of you both, which is admittedly more of TG, than Grimly, but when I did have the pleasure of meeting him, he was a really nice guy.

    Some might see you as an odd couple, me, I just see you both as a perfect couple. Just carry on enjoying life together, and hope to see both again sometime in the future.

    Stevie Lou x

  2. What you say is very true. It sounds as if you work with some right muppets! Its a very good photo of you both.I do not know if you have seen the clip on youtube about yorkshire airlines, if you havent I think it will make you laugh.

  3. ” hurt her so much and yet not at all and likewise she’d sometimes like to see his head on a silver platter but if anyone else dared to threaten him they’d be toast.”

    You might want to write these into the wedding vows LOL. I looked at the picture of you two happy people a few times and there were enough sublte items, that it might be a good addition to the Gromet forum caption contest. My submission would be ” I love it when he nibbles on my ear. Especially when he draws blood!”

  4. “This girl is not sure how much of her compatibility with him was there when she met him and how much of it has sort of grown afterwards.”

    And maybe how much he’s implanted during the “brainwashing” sessions? (1/2 😉

  5. That’s a beautiful picture of the two of you looking just like any other really happy couple. And (boringly, as usual) that’s a really well expressed essay on love. All in all it would be easy to be thoroughly envious of you. Now envy is a dangerous thing. Fortunately I am not envious of you two because I could say all the same things about the two of us! Mistress and me. Wonderful stuff. And I really applaud the little dig about the difference between a Domme and a bitch. I married a Domme who is absolutely not a bitch. Although I have known a few, it is not a pretty sight.

  6. Stevie, yeah i get on exceptionally well with Grimly i think probably so as we are very much on the same wavelength with a lot of our thoughts.

    Thanks Keith, yes i’ve seen that before. Like Scotland, Yorkshire has quite a lot that can be parodied!

    Tim, we still need to sort the vows but i think they’ll be a little more traditional. I can’t remember why i was covering my ear i was quite drunk at this moment, i was either brushing my hair away or trying to stop him whisper the word that gives me an orgasm into my ear!

    Ralph, touche – very possibly!

    Islv, thanks, am glad you’re happy too.

    Funny how i write a sentimental post and its all men who reply, what does that say about kinky men? A Good thing i think!


  7. Great photo. Shows best friends as well as lovers and sums you two up to a T

  8. “we still need to sort the vows but i think they’ll be a little more traditional”

    “Love, honor, and obey”?

  9. thanks Geetwo 🙂

    Ralph, i’d thought about it but i’m not sure about saying the obey bit in front of God, unsure i can keep that promise all the time! x

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