Straight from the horse’s mouth

Those of you who read Alternative Mindsets’ blog will likely already know that thisgirl and Grimly went to Wales during Easter along with Alternative Mindsets and her partner to stay with Geetwo & Maxi partly for social reasons and partly to fit in some outdoor pony play.

On the Saturday everyone headed up to a spot looked after by another friend, leather taffy where they were joined by Captive kink and Ceri.

As the pictures will show the weather was a long way off from the sunny weekend Grimly and this girl had of it when they went to the same place a couple of years ago, but the event was better in many respects since more of this girl’s friends were in attendance and the venue has improved a lot as well. There is now a better car park facility and also toilets and caravans for changing. There is still a lot of improvements to be made but it is most definitely a site worth visiting for those into this type of fetish (or any outdoor based one for that matter) in the UK. However this girl forgot how difficult it is walking in hoof boots on grass when Grimly transformed her into her ponygirl persona, Penny.

Grimly did not waste any time in getting his pony girl and Ceri rigged up to the cart, making use of his recent modification which enables two ponies to pull one rider. It was fun pulling the cart alongside another restrained pony girl since it is a long time since this girl has been to a pony event that has had other submissive girls there so hopefully it’ll happen again soon.

This girl and Grimly are hoping to perhaps do some more pony play this year but is likely it might not happen until the honeymoon perhaps both around Vancouver and also at Folsom Street (sorry for making you jealous Ollie!)

After pulling Grimly round the fields, this girl, Ceri and Maxi tried to warm up a bit whilst pony girl Ariadne (aka Alternative Mindsets) was put through her paces with some lunge training.

However Penny and Ceri ended up running circles round each other…

Afterwards Penny was rigged up beside Ariadne and gave Ariadne’s master a ride round the fields. Though by that point the freezing fog was getting colder, and a warm pub lunch beckoned. It is quite strange how fast restrained and booted pony girls can run when something warm and cosy is at the other end and they vanished into the mist.

All in all though it was a great day and very atmospheric and a chance for everyone to enjoy uninterrupted fun. If anyone wants further details of the venue (please bear in mind this is Wales UK) then please drop a line or get in touch directly with leather taffy on fetlife.

8 thoughts on “Straight from the horse’s mouth

  1. It was a brilliant morning, loved every minute of it, and hope to do it again very soon 🙂 xx

  2. me too …getting opportunities for outdoor pony play are rare but perhaps more special when they do occur 🙂

  3. I have to say, you look absolutely stunning in the photo’s on captive kink website.

  4. thanks Jamie, off to do some more pics with him in august with another blogger of my acquaintance so watch this space 😉

  5. Thanks Tanos 🙂 There are some more pony blogs on here around 2009, easiest way to find those is from the gallery if anyone is interested! I’m hoping to do some pony play in canada and also at folsom street in San Francisco so watch this space. We really must get down to bridgewood to see you guys as i really admire what you’ve done with the place 🙂

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