At the moment one particular girl is probably going to have more butterflies in her stomach than any other, as she prepares to walk down the aisle with the world watching. This girl will be watching too of course to ensure her dress hasn’t been copied lol.

This girl doesn’t know whether to be jealous of Kate Middleton having all that attention and no expense spared or to feel sorry for her that a lot of the wedding decisions will have either been made on her behalf or only after many levels of approvals. Though this girl does sympathise for the amount of stress that might be involved with coping with that much attention and the eyes of millions. Perhaps she’d prefer to sympathise with the budget of it all however πŸ˜‰

This girl knows what butterflies in the tummy can feel like. She is the type of person who worries about the tiniest little detail and can get herself easily worked up when anything of significance is about to happen. This is especially the case when it comes to meeting people or when anything is happening where an amount of attention will be focussed on her. She still quite often gets butterflies when she’s on her way to see Grimly, there’s still that bit of the back of mind wondering whether she is actually after all, quite mad! This girl doesn’t feel it so much when she’s getting the bus there but when she is driving and in charge of how quickly she gets there then as the mileage on those sign posts get less then the butterflies do still come.

When other people are involved there can be even more nerves. Grimly (at least to her) is a relatively known quantity, she has a rough idea of what to expect but he can deviate. At the weekend during her time with her friends in Wales this girl met someone new called Ceri who was introduced to the group by Captive Kink. She is very nice and fitted in superbly to the afternoon of pony play on Saturday – details of which are on Alternative Mindsets blog- though more info to follow here in a few days when time allows!

So whilst this girl didn’t get round to hopping into her bunny outfit during the easter holiday she did hop into a bit of a different role after the ponying was finished. She had chance to play with Ceri by herself πŸ™‚

She spent a good bit of the time leading up to it sort of worrying about whether she would still be any good at taking on a more ‘top role’ since it is actually quite a long time since she has had the chance. This girl did have STEFFY in the creature in Canada but it was a long time since she had played with a female sub. It’s actually probably not properly since she had her own sub a few years ago. Partly because of that it made this girl a bit anxious because whilst she had been able to do the sort of physical corporal punishment type stuff quite easily it had taken a while to build up the D/s aspect and whilst since then her practical experience of being on the receiving end has changed dramatically her experience of being on the giving end hasn’t as much though the amount that can be learned by knowing what it feels like is invaluable. Part of her problem is that she tries to compare her style to Grimly’s and it’s just not really the same but then he’s a one-off. But then so is she πŸ˜‰

Given that she didn’t even attempt to assume any sort of domme cliche bullshit as for a start it’s just not her and also she would have messed it up. This girl had tried the pro domme thing a few years ago (for about a month) doing the whole stereotypical thing with the outfit and the mannerisms and it just was not her style partly because it felt too acted and partly because doing it for money automatically cheapens it. This girl enjoys play much more when both people involved want to be there for fun and kink, there is really no point otherwise. So, despite the butterflies this girl went for the relaxed and casual approach. Perhaps the ‘i don’t want to scare you till i have you where you can’t do anything about it’ method worked πŸ˜‰

Without going into detail as it’s not totally her story to tell it all went very well. As for the butterflies there was still one! During the play this girl got Ceri dressed up in the butterfly jacket latexsubbie (tlc designs/ the boot fetishist) had made. It is beautiful and looked really good with the studio gum hood. The pictures aren’t great as this girl had other distractions but will give an idea! The jacket is based a little on the leather design by Christopher, the leather crafter. In latex it looked great though and this girl will have some more fun with it no doubt next time she’s at Grimly’s. It was funny though actually having the butterfly jacket and a little bit of bondage dress up sort of relaxed the actual butterflies in her stomach and helped the rest of the flow. Cue wicked evil grin πŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “Butterflies

  1. Kate would not look as good as you in a rubber dress and gas mask, but perhaps Wills will try it,she might look ok in a rubber maids outfit but probably Phillip imagines her dressed that way now. the old perv. lLove Malcolm

  2. Hope your dress was not copied the other day!! Good luck on the big day

  3. Malcolm, i think Phillip would probably be more likely to have fantasies about her dressing up as a stag than in latex. But who knows what they get up to behind closed doors.

    Keith, no wasn’t like mine, i think she made the right choice for her and i think very reminiscent of Grace Kelly. Pippa’s was nice too. Though princess beatrice and eugine YUCK.

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