On the straight and narrow?

This girl has probably never been totally straight, and has always bent in some way or another. There have been people at times who have said she is insane and mentally unbalanced and should see a psychiatrist and be cured of her BDSM sickness! What do they know!

The idea of BDSM being a mental illness is really not the truth at all, and despite now having three or four straight jackets (of which pictures of the new one to follow in the next post) this girl is quite happy that her life is healthy and well-balanced.

Whilst some parts of her fantasies relate to psychological torture and brainwashing this girl is of the opinion that being able to live out her fantasies amongst her partner and her friends is the sign of a healthy mind and a good imagination as opposed to being a problem.

There are of course aspects of her life that are very much on the straight and narrow. This girl has pretty much done the ‘normal thing’ with school and college and with her working life and hasn’t ever once done anything to sort of ‘work the system’ or be a scrounger. As a result she’s your average person in a lot of day-to-day aspects she has enough to pay the bills and a bit left over – but not masses. It’s just as well Grimly is so talented at making stuff for an otherwise expensive hobby!

At the point where sexuality and kink come in that’s where this girl gets a little bit bent. Straight is one thing she’s not, apart from when it comes to the straight jackets and she was very much reminded of that recently πŸ˜‰

Perhaps it sounds clichΓ© but if life is a journey then the equivalent of being straight would be the M6 (for non brits think of the most boring straight highway you can think of with no scenery) . The equivalent of the life this girl is trying to lead in her kink explorations would be a bit more like this :

well you get the idea.

This girl wants to develop as many twists and hair pin bends and picturesque scenery as possible behind the wheel of something with a bit of ooomph. Metaphorically. Well in actual driving terms as well πŸ˜‰ She perhaps added a few more of those last weekend since some kink managed to nudge itself into a relatively wedding planning hectic month!

7 thoughts on “On the straight and narrow?

  1. fab piccy set, who’d want to be on the straight and narrow its overrated!!

  2. Actually, your friends are SO wrong. Having a creative fulfilling adventurous sex life is part of living a balanced life. If anything, you are MORE sane than most. You enjoy your hobby, but it doesn’t interfere with your “vanilla” life elements. To me this says you are healthy.

    The pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them

  3. Glad you enjoyed the pics guys πŸ™‚ vinny its not my friends that say I am insane its people who don’t get it my friends are mostly into this too lol

  4. Are you normal? No.

    But I would argue that someone with the courage and self-confidence to be who they are, even when that’s outside of social norms, and who doesn’t let that uniqueness compromise her ability to be an otherwise happy, healthy, balanced person and a good member of her community is actually BETTER than normal.

    While she (and I) would not have taken things quite as far as you and Grimly have, early in my marriage my wife gave me the opportunity to be much more adventurous, and I missed it because I lacked the confidence to let myself be different. Now, years later, the confidence is there but the opportunity is gone.

    “Regret is when confidence arrives just after opportunity has departed.”
    — Ollie

    And, as the bumper sticker says, “Well-behaved women rarely make history.”

    Keep on doing your thing, and be proud of it. Anyone who’d criticize you for doing so is just jealous.

  5. thanks Ollie πŸ™‚ i know i’ve had opportunities previously that i’ve missed or messed up (though mostly non kink ones lol) , so am generally trying to not let any slip me by now. There are times when my confidence lets me down as well, its so hard being a shy exhibitionist πŸ˜‰

  6. Two threads: you commented “its so hard being a shy exhibitionist ;)”. But you are in very good company. myself and Mistress have always thought of ourselves as introverted extroverts. And there are many more like it. Possibly enough to fill the M6. You wrote “the equivalent of being straight would be the M6”. What a fantastic parallel. Mistress and myself have always been off roaders. The only car I have yearned to own is a Land Rover. However an interesting aspect of the parallel is the numbers game. The M6 is usually full, mountain paths often empty. Such paths however are the places where when you meet others, the meeting is all the more special whereas on the M6 millions pass without ever meeting. The other parallel is that very few of us can ever escape the motorway totally even when set on reaching our dream destination. Life’s dreariness has to be endured with hope. Add the thought of the original Italian Job? There were roads to be driven with oomph in that. As ever a brilliantly clever and feeling blog entry.

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