Can’t get you out of my head

If you were to ask this girl what she was into ‘the most’ it would be this kind of stuff. Totally restrictive bondage, electo-torture and brainwashing. It’s the most effective of way of feeling as though Grimly is directly inside her head. She’s into many other things (most things in fact lol) as well but being tortured and brainwashed is pretty much top of the list and it’s not even as though she’s some sort of sci-fi geek, because she isn’t – it just feels amazing.

Regular readers will pretty much know what the mask does, but for anyone new here it is essentially a gas mask with built-in breath control and built-in flashy led lights which create a strobe effect in combination with white noise and sounds being pumped through the headphones and electricity being pumped around the body. It’s all synchronized and controlled by Grimly from his control panel he can also use a microphone to talk directly into her earphones so it sounds as though he’s there in her mind whilst the physical torture of her body is going on,and she too can talk back to him through a microphone in the mask.

The picture below shows it in use with the dentist chair and also the breast vacuum. The cups are quite new and Grimly is still thinking of modifying them with electrics as well since he likes the ability to see them going up and down with the suction, and why stop there lol. Out of shot of the picture there is also electroplay going on down below and a vibrator ensuring this girl is kept right on the edge and only orgasms when he says the trigger word. The ability of the mask to regulate oxygen flow adds to the intensity of that because it seems the more this girl gets turned on the harder it is to breathe especially when he sometimes feeds poppers through the mask as well.

It’s easy to explain why this girl likes it. If feels bloody amazing. But it’s really more the mental thing. It’s of him being right there in her head and her being totally unable to do anything to get him out. He has that much control over her body , and also what she is experiencing mentally and psychologically during the process that she cannot do anything else apart from think about what he is doing to her and what he might do next, being powerless to do anything to stop him.

Thinking about it, Grimly is pretty much the centre of this girl’s thoughts whenever she is playing with him and not just when it’s ‘the chair’.

She can honestly say she has never had a session with him where she’s been thinking about someone else, or work, or the shopping, or cooking the tea. Play with him has always kept her interested and her mind focused on the current predicament of her body and of *his* mind. Since what’s in his mind is much more worrying that what thoughts might be crossing her own. It’s never felt boring or as though she was  simply ‘going through the motions’.

This girl worries about whether people she has topped in the past have felt that way about her. Whether their mind is focussed on their physical predicament and the psychological torment and exhilaration of what might happen next at her hands.  Certainly she’s felt that way about them in those situations – from a top point of view as well as a bottom she always has her thoughts focussed on the victim sorry submissive 😉

This girl has seen evidence of people whose minds are clearly far away and detached from the partner they are supposed to be enjoying bdsm with. Guys in clubs hitting their partners across the kidneys with a flogger whilst looking at some pretty blonde thing up at the bar. People on fetlife going on about having someone in long-term fully enclosed bondage whilst they’re on the internet. Some of those people  are dangerous. Some are fantasists and pretenders and some are sort of somewhere in the middle.

There are types of play where perhaps being right there with your partner is not needed, you might be monitoring from a distance or doing something else that still allows you to keep a careful eye, but what this girl is trying to say is that their safety, their feelings and reactions (both physical and psychological) should always be the number one priority.

This girl just doesn’t feel right from either side of the spectrum if one participants thoughts aren’t taking into account the feelings of the other. It’s a tandem ride.

11 thoughts on “Can’t get you out of my head

  1. You know how much I love the whole brainwashing stuff, my stories sort of give that fact away lol. And I must say that set up that you and Grimly have is just plain amazing, and would just love to be on the receiving end of it all sometime.

    Mind how big I would get if he used the breast vacuum on me, well it makes for quite a thought! 😉 And of course, me and electrics… 🙂

    I also agree with what you say about some idiots, but I’d happily let you and G take me fully under control sometime

    Steph x (to you both)

  2. Steph, i don’t think Grimly’s vacuum will work miracles, if it did we might be able to provide an alternative to the NHS for gender reassignment and i think thats hardly likely lol.

    thanks Jessica & Stephen 🙂 xx

  3. TG, nowadays I use a B cup bra, so he’s got something to work on at least lol! Knowing Grimly as I do, if there was a feasible way for him to do my gender reassignment, he’d be planning it already lol!
    Just find the whole brainwashing set up so hot though, you make me jealous, especially as I was the one who introduced you to the robot kink in the first place!

  4. maybe if he could make his millions at it, which i doubt lol. you’re right in a way i did and i used to think you were odd….well actually i still do!

    thanks rik j, indeed it is ! x

  5. Can you tell me where you I like to be in person and your brainwashed slave please master’s

  6. This girl you don’t know how lucky you are to find the right person who can take you where ever he wishes too at such a young age. I have been searching for that special person all my life and still haven’t found them.

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