The Social Network

This girl and Grimly are shortly going to be setting off on holiday! Just a few days but it will be a welcome break. The trip will be slightly (ok perhaps more than slightly) kinky but with a splattering of vanilla stuff as well since it’s a very beautiful and relaxing spot.

This girl and Grimly are spending a few days with Geetwo & Maxi but will also be meeting up with friends Alternative Mindsets and Captive Kink as well for some pony play at the same spot this girl and Grimly visited at Easter 2009 🙂 There is also someone new to meet as well so this girl is quite excited about that as well. Slightly nervous, since being shy she always gets a bit  anxious about meeting new folk, but she’s excited about it most definitely 🙂

The last few years thisgirl and Grimly have tried to get their friends meeting each other, but this girl was especially encouraged to do that by JG Leathers who introduced her to Geetwo and Maxi. Finding people with not necessarily the same kink, but a similar outlook and a bit of common ground can be difficult and so getting them all connected is a good thing and can lead to a really good network of friendships. Hopefully that will continue during the honeymoon as well which is well , actually, yeah, mostly kink. With a bit of obligatory sightseeing 😉

It’s definitely more fun spending time with people with shared interests in real-life than it is trying to do it on the internet. Even when it is just chilling out and having a  glass of wine, play doesn’t necessarily have to happen. This girl went to her first local munch in AGES last week and it was a good night, meeting up with old friends and one or two new faces. She sort of missed Grimly being there though. It will be so good when he lives here because then going to things and meeting people as a couple will be so much easier there won’t be the deal breaker of people being put off from visiting his because of where it is or from his perspective having to drive 200 miles each way either.

This girl doesn’t really get the online social network thing so much and although she registered for facebook she has forgotten both her id and her password.

It’s too invasive. It’s telling too many people at once details that they don’t all need to know. Perhaps the blog does that for a certain extent but she knows the audience is going to be 99% kinky whereas with facebook and twitter if she used it for vanilla contacts as well it would get mightily confusing.

There have been a few issues at her work recently with people using facebook on their phones and forgetting they have the boss as a contact. Seriously, how stupid can ya be!

This girl likes using the internet and sharing sort of sexy stories with you guys but to be tied to updating sort of hourly…noooo

A  year or two ago this girl read the Ben Elton book, Blind Faith, which is about an overly protective society where people stay home and do everything via the computer and are constantly on cam and that people have to pretend their lives are brilliant and sexy to retain the admiration of their peers. Scary, but this girl could see how it could happen.

This girl likes being selective about what she shares, rather than feeling tied to the computer to show that she has a life, she’d rather just be out living it and sort of saying what she wants about it retrospectively.

Anyway, hope you all have a fantastic Easter!

4 thoughts on “The Social Network

  1. I have to admit that the only reason K and I have Facebook accounts is so we can keep tabs on our kids lol! Mind you, sometimes we do see things we would rather not! They (and a zillion others!) are far too willling to spill beans about anything and everything. xx

  2. If it counts to something, I totally agree. I have made some great true friends online… but those are friendships that I must touch, feel, kiss… people I need and will see in flesh and blood the sooner the better. I see the internet as a great tool to get minds together, and scathered as we are around the globe, I have many friends I wouldn’t otherwise. The emotions and feelings I chose to share, are true and real.

    But I’d rather have 20 real loving friends I can meet every weekend and cook feasts for them, than 2000 friends on facebook. And many of the changes I’m doing in my life, is because I refuse to spend my days enjoying my fetish alone and sharing by using a webcam. That is a loss of dignity I can no longer accept!

    Enjoy your travel, your companion, and the love of your Master!!! HAPPY EASTER!!!!

  3. I really just use Facebook to announce developments about our high school reunion and my digestion. It’s sad. I go weeks without logging in. All of my friends are always saying “Yeah, I’ll get up with you on Facebook.” I just nod politely, because if they were actually interested, they could join my husband and I for our monthly barbecue and beer get together. The whole thing cheapens the idea of friend and ruins the idea of a secret. I know, it’s rather old fashioned of me, despite being from that age demographic that’s always had the internet and has always lived their lives on it. Of course, I did meet my husband thanks to the internet, so there’s that.

  4. Thanks for the comments 🙂

    I have made a lot of initial contacts including Grimly because of the net and it is perhaps one of the main ways of kinksters finding each other but I get so much more out of it being contact and discussion in person where that is going to be possible. But as you guys say it makes barriers of oceans and miles less and is good for allowing thoughts to be shared with people otherwise out of reach I just don’t want to be online constantly sharing every aspect of my life which some people seem to be.

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