The thrill of the chaste

This girl’s ex partner said he found her a turn off sometimes because of her *slight* nymphomania. This girl mostly always wants sex and play. Well ok maybe not always but A LOT. He said that he was more turned on by the thrill of the chase and of getting it because he could, not because she wanted it anyway. However this girl’s understanding of bdsm (and sex to for that matter) is that it is far better when it is desired by both participants.

However, sometimes being unable to have sex (and/or orgasm) can be a turn on if it is due to physical or mental control and especially both.

Grimly has been able to control this girl’s orgasms for a very long time and also been able to give her earth shattering ones. Perhaps it may sound shallow but that perhaps is why she fell for him, or at least a little part of her reasons. In a way it all fits because being happy and having her fantasies met made this girl much more confident and made her feel much more happy in herself so why wouldn’t she fall in love with the man that could do that?

However sometimes he gets right on her tits!

The problem with orgasm control is the controller. Depending on his whim, or his mood it all becomes a bit unstable and yet extremely erotic. At any time he can say no. This generally makes the times he says ‘yes’ much more enjoyable but it is incredibly frustrating as well at times. It’s like wanting your favourite thing to eat and not having it for months because it’s either difficult to cook or expensive and then having the fun of savouring every mouthful.

In a way it’s all a bit of game. Sometimes this girl *tries* to frustrate him too and tease him but generally that backfires on her.  Last time she stayed with him she was quite tired and wasn’t really wanting sex at that moment or any further play so to tease him put on a body stocking and chastity belt and cuffs and went to cuddle with him on the sofa. At bedtime he decided that he would just leave her like that all night, cuddled in to him, but locked away. The pictures below are the morning after as it were.

A lot of people write about male chastity, the frustration of it, the discomfort and it seems to be some sort of competition as to who can be the longest locked up. For this girl, one night is pretty much enough (!)

Male chastity makes it difficult for a man to get physically aroused i.e they can’t get a hard on or it hurts a lot!

Female chastity does not stop arousal. It makes it worse. It doesn’t stop the physical signs of arousal at all. It makes access impossible but it doesn’t stop arousal and doesn’t make it uncomfortable either – just frustrating. For this girl the longer she is locked away the more aroused she gets and Grimly, evil bastard that he is, knows that.

Of course, it turns Grimly on as well. Sometimes it’s a bit of a game as to whether she can turn him on enough for him to want to unlock her. Mostly Grimly enjoys not giving in to that game more than unlocking the belt. Perhaps its the sadism in him , or perhaps it’s his personal will power but he doesn’t like giving in on this matter, though most things he doesn’t like giving in anyway. Stubborn. OK . He’s not the only one!

In a way all the chastity belt is a reminder of who’s in control of her orgasms, and it certainly ain’t this girl.

9 thoughts on “The thrill of the chaste

  1. There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting sexual release and being unable to have it, and there’s very little in life more fun than having one’s partner want that release and being able to control if and when they get it and watching how far they’ll go to persuade you to give it to them.

    For some folks, chastity is the end-all-be-all element of their kinky play. More power to them but that’s not for me. It is a very fun thing to add into the mix occasionally, however.

  2. Just wondering. If Grimly keeps you in a chastity until the wedding, does that make you a virgin again? LOL

  3. i agree Ollie i much prefer chastity to be temporary!

    Tim, i am sure Grimly will appreciate the idea but i don’t think it would magically make the necessary parts come back!

  4. If it serves to something, in this dark moment I am facing now, you and Grimly sometimes manage to make me hope for a better future. Your first few lines on this post just felt exactly like what I am facing now.

    I hope you both are having a great weekend! Many kisses,


  5. Girl, You never know until you try! Grimly might think it is worth the experiment. And if it doesn’t work, what have you lost? ;-p



  7. Oh yes! You are so right about the difference in male and female chastity! For both it is pretty frustrating, but where it gets more and more boring for a man, it gets more and more exciting for a girl! Where a man after only one day clings hopelessly to the ground, a woman literally starts to levitate…

    Thanks for this post, this girl, I appreciate it a lot. Greets and kisses from Denmark

  8. Long-time lurker, first time poster. I’m so sorry to hear you are having trouble with WordPress. Just wrote them several paragraphs of enthusiastic support for your site. Your site is so obviously not pornographic, and so obviously intelligent, heartfelt, educational, and valuable, it’s a shame they would give you grief.

  9. Daniela, i totally agree.

    Chris, thanks, the issue is resolved so all is fine, thanks for your support 🙂

    best wishes

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