Up on her high horse

This girl has written quite a few times about her fantasies of medieval type tortures and especially their ability to be twisted and adapted into a modern context suitable for BDSM.

Torture is something she has a lot of strong feelings about.

From a humanitarian point of view it is something this girl disagrees with in a sort of current modern-day political context. Prisoners of any type have the right to fair questioning and a fair trial. Unfortunately that is not always the case.

In a historical context, some of the atrocities that have gone on in the past are horrific also such as during the times of the Tudors and both way before that and afterwards also. Human beings can be extremely cruel to one another and in the most inventive of ways.

So what makes BDSM different. What makes torture erotic? What makes some of those twisted ideas convertible to bdsm?

The short answer is – it just is. They just are.

Some things cannot be explained, the idea of being abandoned in a cell waiting for it to happen, being kept until her tormentor is done with her, and being pushed to the edge both physically and mentally are all things that appeal to this girl. The difference of course is the fact that it is her fantasy and she consents to it and actively pursues it happening. That is the key difference.

Grimly has adapted a lot of medieval and historical tortures into bdsm play. The rack, the scavengers daughter and also the wooden pony shown in the picture. Amongst other things. A friend also gave this girl a pear of anguish he had made but it is far too large to be used but its a good conversational piece πŸ˜‰ This girl has fantasized about those ever since seeing an insex video featuring one.

The problem of having a fantasy of torture is that it doesn’t always stay a fantasy when it’s happening. Time and time again this girl forgets what she is letting herself in for when she makes suggestions to him or even when she finds herself in a room alone with Grimly.

Whilst it is still erotic, and whilst she doesn’t want to stop sometimes it can be a bit of a test of physical endurance and also a game in her own head as to whether her body will cope with what Grimly does to it. But that is all part of the fun.

Recently Grimly got out the electric wooden pony again but this time suspended her over it as well as on it. So she was kept in the air with the help of the sit sling but then lowered onto the hanging pony, her feet stretched and chained wide apart so that the most delicate parts of her body had both the pressure of the pony and absolutely no way of avoiding the electrical contacts. Grimly, to be an additional bastard also added nipple clamps which may not seem a lot to some people but can hurt a lot when you find yourself already in a not so stable position.

Probably the worst part of the torture after the nipple clamps and the electric shocks administered right across her cunt, was the amount of pins in needles this position gave rise to. It certainly became a matter of enduring that and trying to concentrate on dealing with both the intended and unintended pain.

Unfortunately (luckily) this girl could not see Grimly’s face but supposed that it had his usual smug sort of evil bastard look πŸ˜‰

10 thoughts on “Up on her high horse

  1. Sounds painful but looks fun! Very envious of you right now!! ;D haha tomorrow I wake up to a punishment of alot of spanking… I was a bit of a bad girl… I’d rather be in your position (minus the nipple clamps) OWWW >.< i hate those things and master knows it! That's why he loves it especially while he punishes me..

  2. That looks like it would be a blast! My Master isn’t very good at building things 😦 Grimly should make home made bondage kits for the public ie US! Lol πŸ˜€

  3. fab blog as usual, that predicament looks painful! lol in a good way

  4. Julie hope you’re enjoying that spanking πŸ˜‰

    Hisgirl, Grimly used to make things for sale he may again sometime in the future, certainly when we live together we’ll have more time to do how-to’s. πŸ™‚

    thanks rikj & t, yes it’s as scary as it looks.

  5. >.< oh yes, completely did xD my bottom is soo red it still hurts to sit down o.O I'm most defiantly regreating being a bad girl!!

  6. Yeah, your most likely right! πŸ˜‰ Monday (masters bday) is comming quickly! Teehee! He has a birthday ‘surprise’ coming

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