Here comes the bride

Without giving a specific date, this girl can tell you that there are now less than six months to the wedding!

The plans are pretty much taking over everything. Lately this girl has been away a lot and things are going to get more hectic as D-day gets closer!

This girl isn’t going to write very many posts to do with the wedding but thought she would share with you that she now pretty much has her outfit sorted and is now pretty much at the stage of working out the finer details and all the bells and whistles. The main things are all done. It’s going to be very traditional, which is all very strange when juxtapositioned next to the honeymoon plans! This girl and Grimly are also having a second blessing in Canada and so perhaps her outfit there will look a bit more like the picture below, with very Β serious bondage going on below the layers of the wedding dress πŸ˜‰

The wedding plans are sort of screwing with her submissive head space a little as she feels as though she’s sort of inadvertently taking over everything. Though Grimly was allowed to pick his own best man, who will hopefully ensure that Grimly turns up looking good and not wearing a body warmer and THAT hat.

Let’s wait and see!

The next kind of five or six months are going to be a bit haphazard with both the amount of play this girl gets chance to do and the amount of posts here, but it will all be worth it when Grimly readjusts her from wedding planner into married slave.

Yep. She’s doomed!

6 thoughts on “Here comes the bride

  1. How exciting! I have 7 weeks left and boy am I wigging out! I can’t imagine still having 6 months. Enjoy the time you have, it will be gone in a flash!

  2. Hard to believe it’s only six months to go! Not to worry though, it’s going to be fantastic. I’m very happy for you both. Thank you for letting us into your lives.

    Warm regards,


  3. I never thought I would have said this,but as a long time reader, I’d be interested in whatever mecanations and thoughts are rummaging through your brain. Thouse include the wedding. It’s your blog and you don’t have to always titilate. Some of your most interestesting posts have been more about life and your take on it. Just saying that as a healthy virile Dom, I love the images,the bondage, and especially your voicing what is happening to you beneath all of those layers physically and mentally.

    But any long time reader will tell you, what makes this special is that your life is not the latest adventure in a Gwenmedia series. You are the real deal. It is refreshing to hear what ever is on your mind. Even if it is where you are registered for china.

  4. Congratulations! πŸ™‚ Well, D/s shifts and adjusts and just remember you can be the bossy wedding planner because he allows you to πŸ˜‰ And that’s a very hot wedding dress, even more if it, or some of it, goes secretly under the very white and vanilla wedding dress. That’s really very exciting, and even if you don’t share everything here, it was really nice to know πŸ˜‰ Congratulations to you and your Master πŸ™‚


  5. Congratulations and the very best of wishes for your special day and the lifetime to follow it.

    As a man who (on this issue at least) can confidently speak for all other men, anywhere, ever – including Grimly – let me assure you that in his capacity as your “master” he wants you to take he lead in the whole wedding planning. You status as a submissive is in no way compromised by this activity.

    Next, be prepared to accept the reality that once you’re married, no matter how bound and gagged he has you, you are now ruling the relationship. The addage “Happy wife, happy life” is the only constant in the universe that I’m aware of. But as a husband of 20 years I can say that’ (a) totally cool and (b) as it should be.

  6. Luna, i am getting so stressed too there is so much and keep thinking of extra things and its scary!

    Thanks Vinny, thanks Tim – Tim, i’m not probably going to have a wedding list as such certainly not china we already have about 4 million sets lol. My wedding posts are going to be very few and far between since most of it is private for the family. Though the kink version of the wedding that may be different!

    Thanks as well Jessica – my actual wedding dress should conceal all sorts of bondage underneath so will see what happens!

    Ollie, Grimly knows exactly who wears the trousers don’t worry πŸ˜‰

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