Sunday drivers

When this girl first met Grimly she wasn’t into cars very much. Seeing them as mostly a means to get from A to B. She most certainly did not have a car fetish! Grimly however always has had and owned a Porsche when this girl met him. Perhaps he did something to change her.

However this girl has always liked driving, liked going places and having the freedom to have adventures provided she has the petrol money. Passing her test is most definitely one of the best things she ever did. Grimly lives 200 miles away and if she hadn’t a car she would have never met him since the idea of the reality of two trains and a bus which is the public transport option wouldn’t have been appealing when she didn’t fully understand the attractions at the other end.

The first time this girl drove back from Grimly’s was a snowy sunday in february in her rickety ka feeling half spaced and wondering if she was going to skid half way down the motorway from that sort of post play buzz. A lot of sunday drives since then were more depressing since the drive home meant leaving him and going back to reality. Driving a long distance in a boring car is enough to depress anybody who would much rather be at their departure point than the destination.

When  her previous car broke down this girl went a bit mad and bought the MG (at the same time Grimly bought a practical diesel lol)  Part of her reason for wanting an MG  was due to enjoying the fun of doing the photo shoot with STEFFY’s yellow MG Midget. Partly it’s the sort of car that reminds this girl that driving can be fun and a fetish all of its own on the right road, with the noise of the engine and the need for speed.  Perhaps it sounds stupid but having a fun drive to Grimly’s and a fun drive back home can make the weekend more of an adventure.

Sunday drivers totally annoy this girl though, given a good bit of the journey is A-road through scenic Scottish countryside. What is wrong with people wanting to drive so slowly! Life in the fast lane is so much more interesting, especially for the cyclist who drove by this little photo shoot and nearly fell of his bike  😉

It’s funny this girl will almost miss the drive when Grimly actually lives with her! But perhaps not that much given she can have fun driving him crazy all the time instead 😉 That’s more fun than driving any car….even an MG!


12 thoughts on “Sunday drivers

  1. You look like some sort of bad ass secret agent, lol. As a car nut, I’ll grant that there’s nothing more fun than driving a tiny, light-weight car with a giant engine in it. Roadster’s are great. One of my clients has a TF. Everytime he comes by my garage, I have to stand outside drooling over it.

  2. Great photos, maybe he brainwashed the car fetish into you lol

  3. thanks Jess 🙂 I love James Bond am sure a lot of my interrogation fantasies (especailly the one i have involving a shark tank lol) comes from there!

    Spooky – is that with or without a gag? I hate gags that drool. Am sure once Grimly reads this i am going to be forced to drool over the MG with the worst gag he can find lol.

    Thanks Keith, thanks Stevie – i’ve been thinking about whether he brainwashed a car fetish into me – i think perhaps not, since my car has sometimes been a pain in the arse for him with me getting him to repair, service and modify it for me!

    Though my stainless steel exhaust is rather yum! 🙂

  4. LOL! Methinks the hypnosis goggles are doing a better job than you realise! I can just imagine Grimly running the ‘like fast cars’ sequence… You will want to buy a fast car, you will want to buy a fast car…

  5. (A) I’m envious of Grimly’s Porsche — closest I ever came was a really fun VW GTI. Close, but not close enough.
    (B) Damnit. Europe gets all the good small sporty cars and they never make it across the pond to the US intact, save for the now-German MINI Cooper S, which is still a blast. We always get weighted down, watered-down versions of your good stuff, if we get anything at all. In our defense, a 2011 Mustang GT or Camaro SS with a 400+ HP V8 is an exceedingly enjoyable way to contribute to global warming, however.
    (C) If a road trip in your MG provides an excuse to dress like Emma Peel form The Avengers, I say go for it!

  6. P, perhaps he did but if so i think the brainwashing rebounded on him and made him what a cost effective diesel. lol.

    Ollie, Grimly’s had two porsches, 924 & 944. He still has the 944 though he’s not had it on the road for a while. He used the 924 as a donor car to do up the 944. He also has two BMW 325’s in bits, and a triumph spitfire thats been in his mums garage for about 20 years lol. He is a bit of a nut.

    I do like the camaro, i loved it in transformers even before it transformed lol.

    The car is most definitely a good excuse to dress up though i haven’t dared post these pictures on the mg forum, they are much too conservative for me there!

  7. Hi! Can you post hot pics with your MG? 🙂 I mean, nothing against Porsches, but there’s something about a hot woman on an MG… I’m in the middle of restoring a 1976 MGB – my midlife crisis car, as it were.

    Seriously, though. Great pic with you and the Porsche. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Ahhh cars, the other addictive toys… They are bad things to have if you have an addictive personality. Which I guess most of us do!

    There is something incredibly calming about driving fast – as absurd as that sounds – through some twisty roads, and I can only imagine there are some awesomely twisty roads in ye olde United Kingdom, just as there are down here in ye olde Tasmania.

    Pity it wears out tyres and brakes quickly 😐

  9. oh we have fantastically twisty roads the only problem is the muck….i need to go wash my car and putting it off mucking about on the internet instead lol. Tasmania must be fun, i’ve never been anywhere in that corner of the world though hopefully plan to get to NZ sometime in the next few years 🙂

    edit : now washed the car and i was finishing up the sun went in and it chucked it down – typical (!)

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